[DEHAI] Stepping Up Efforts to Combat Natural Challenges

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Date: Wed Apr 01 2009 - 15:22:03 EST

Stepping Up Efforts to Combat Natural Challenges
By Staff
Apr 1, 2009, 12:05

The priority of priorities in our national development strategy is attaining food security towards the achievement of which substantial funds and efforts are being exerted. National food security means secured sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity. Hence, the Eritrean people, government and members of defense forces together have cemented the course of development through the construction of the necessary infrastructural foundation for irrigational farming.
In today's world of economic crisis, the important question is not whether a country has been able to produce enough for one year but whether that country has produced and stored enough food that goes beyond annual consumption. And the basic approach in facing this challenge is to gradually and continuously step up production levels.
As global studies indicate, there is a distinct possibility that the world might face the similar natural challenges in 2009 as the previous year. Whether these predictions will come true or not is a question that should be left for time to answer. Still, rather than waiting for disaster to unfold, it is the people and government's duty to develop a practical strategy based on objective situations and make the necessary preparations for all possibilities.
Parallel to this strategy, there needs to be a clear working mechanism in overseeing equitable distribution of the harvested crops in all parts of the country. Efforts are underway to enhance the production of complementary sectors such as the fisheries, livestock and vegetable and fruits production. Moreover, plans have been drafted as part of national development strategy and work is already underway to further enhance water reservation capacity and the levels of both the short and summer rains of 2009 will be closely monitored in all parts of the country.
Regardless of whether there will be natural challenges this year or not, being prepared for any eventuality is the choice that affords security in times of uncertainty. Hence it is now a stage where people inside and outside the country, government and PFDJ institutions, members of defense forces and administrative bodies to step up their efforts in their respective fields and make their due contribution in the nation-building process. And if we continue to tread on this path, there is no doubt that food shortage will be a thing of the past in Eritrea.

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