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From: Berhane Tseggai (berhanetseggai@yahoo.ca)
Date: Fri Apr 03 2009 - 08:07:49 EST

Selam Seb Dehai:

Such statements made to clarify the gaffes or the lapsus of the Israeli ambassador to Ethiopia is well received ...Well,let such formal exchanges be left to the official circles. Well, the rest of us in the Hafash/conscious masses/ may have no other comments except to say SO WHAT?..SO WHAT!

And do we need to elaborate? Suffice to quote just a paragraph from the latest statement by the MoI under the title."History and Time Will Set the Record Straight"



Human trafficking and cross-border activity and its mafia networks

As it is well-known, migration to those so-called "heaven countries" with the related various causes has become a common practice. Coupled with such a scenario of migration, there exist embassies, intelligence and security agencies, UN and non-governmental bodies that get involved in human trafficking activities through expanding networks in Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Israel, Italy, UK and others under the sponsorship
                       of western intelligence agencies.

On various instances,Eritreans have seen many balloons thrown at them. Regardless of the motivations of the said Ambassador acting out like the former "US" ambassador to Ethiopia David Shinn, many of us within the Hafash have nothing to add or subtract to such statements. SO WHAT!!

Awet nHafash!



  Clarification of statement by Israel's ambassador to Ethiopia regarding

2 Apr 2009

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Press Department)

In reference to the remarks of Israel's Ambassador in Ethiopia (Thursday,
March 19 2009), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to clarify the

In his statement about Eritrea, the Ambassador of Israel in Ethiopia
exceeded his authority and position.

His comments were made without instructions from the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs in Jerusalem, which was surprised by his remarks.

Israel expresses its regrets that these remarks were made, and reiterates
its position, which desires a peaceful solution to the conflicts in the Horn
of Africa.

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