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Date: Sat Apr 04 2009 - 15:25:08 EST

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Selam Haile and All
It is not Surprising to see individual like Mehret Ghebreyesus to commit crime against the Eritrean people. I mean it is not the first time nor will be the last one.Mehrets brother Amaniel Ghebreyesus who in the mid 1980 went from Sweden to Ethiopia to join the Derg(ESEPA) Mengistu Hailemariam regime became head of ESEPA in Asmara (appointed by Derg) and Terrorized the resident of Asmara.
Mehret was her Brothers trust advisor when they committed untold crime against the Eritrean people during that period of Derg erra.Amaniel run and went to Holland just before the final and fall of the Derg but I do't know when exactly Mehret left the derg, nonetheless she has been to South Africa since Eritrean independence and has been a while conspiring active against Eritrea, advising the Eritrean student not to go back to Eritrea after completing their study. so a traitor is always a traitor no surprise there.


 From:Haile Abraham (haileab99@msn.com)
Date: Thu Apr 02 2009 - 19:11:49 EST

Selam Dehaiers,
I wouldn't even call someone who campaigns so hard day and night to deprive AID money to the Eritrean people an "opposition." Furthermore, I wouldn't even know what to call them when they go around and say, "The government [GoE] uses such funds only to strengthen its security apparatus and may be feeding the youth in the trenches." I really don't have any word to label these elements because all the words I know would seem like a complement now. To oppose the GoE is one thing. Even to go to Addis Ababa and dine with Woyane could even be one thing, but to campaign so feverishly so the heroic and selfless Warsay, could starve to death is beyond the realm of "opposition" and a downright EVIL..
Haile a.

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