[DEHAI] Substantial Investment in Building Competitive Skills

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Date: Tue Apr 07 2009 - 16:27:46 EDT

Substantial Investment in Building Competitive Skills
By Staff
Apr 4, 2009, 13:16

Students who have been taking their secondary school education in Sawa have just finished taking their matriculation exam and are currently eagerly awaiting their results. Best wishes for good results to all students!
In today's world nation-building process entails cultivating disciplined, ethical and skilled human resources. Based on this outlook, the Eritrean National Charter states that "our development strategy should prioritize the determinant role of human resources and direct its efforts accordingly." The development strategy policies drafted to implement the aforementioned article of the Charter have not only given the education a priority but substantial efforts and investment have also been made in this sector for two basic reasons. First because every citizen has the right to information about himself and his environment and second because education in today's world is an imperative prerequisite for economic and human development.
The pace of progress of a given community's prosperity depends upon the type of youth the community has. The health and general wellbeing of a community is measured by its youth, for they are the driving force behind the economic, political, cultural, social and security aspects of a given society. And for the youth to be able to successfully execute their duties, they need to be properly cultivated in all aspects of life. As President Isaias Afwerki pointed out during the Eritrean Youth Festival, all young people should have a three-dimensional outlook. And for young people to develop such an outlook they need to acquire the necessary discipline, skills and values. The objective of the substantial investment being made on students is thus to enable them acquire the aforementioned capabilities and thereby by facilitating the national development process.
Based on this objective, the Government of Eritrea has ever since independence exerting intensive efforts and making significant investment in the education sector so as to provide equal access to education for all sections of the community, including those in remote parts who had previously been denied such rights. As a result of these efforts, the number of junior and secondary level schools which had been at 292 during the first year of independence has now risen to more than 1000. Similarly, reports indicate that the number of students' enrollment has increased from 168,000 in 1991 to 600,000 at present time. The number of teachers has also increased from 4505 to 11,000 in the same time range.
The above figures being a reflection of the efforts made in the provision of basic education, the changes and progress made in kindergarten services, technical schools, colleges and universities also highlights the growth registered in this sector through the years since independence under the vision providing 'education for all'.
Moreover, realizing that building schools, training and recruiting teachers and providing the necessary facilities alone cannot ensure the realization of the ultimate national objective, the Eritrean government had been exerting efforts to improve the quality of the educational curriculum and secure equal participation of women and other disadvantaged members of the society in education. To this end, extensive efforts are underway to review and restructure the existing curriculum, giving focus to training students in relevant skills that would enable them improve their lives and that of their communities.
To turn this national vision and objective into reality, students, teachers and parents should strive to compliment the government's efforts in this sector, for education benefits not only the individual students but the entire community and country as well. The only enduring wealth in today's world that enables one to lead a rewarding life is education and skill acquired through education. Hence the youth need to widen their perspective and strive hard to in order to acquire the skill and knowledge that they could use to build their lives. Realizing that the only lasting legacy they can give to their children is knowledge, skills and discipline. Parents should also endeavor to continuously direct their children's attention towards these lofty values. Only through the coordination of the government's and people's efforts can the ultimate national goal and desired progress be achieved.

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