[DEHAI] FW: Kenya and the Annexation of Somalia Territorial Waters

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From: Berhane Habtemariam (Berhane.Habtemariam@gmx.de)
Date: Sat Apr 11 2009 - 08:00:51 EDT

Kenya and the Annexation of Somalia Territorial Waters

Apr 11, 2009 - 3:33:59 AM


Quite often, in Somalia, certain individuals execute the most ridiculous of
paralegal manoeuvres, and, whilst doing so, they foolishly claim to be
acting on behalf of the united Somali nation. In this particular instance, I
am referring to the shadowy memorandum of understanding, jointly signed by a
representative of the Kenyan government, called Moses Wetangula, and
Cabdiraxmaan Cabdishakuur Warsame, a minister of the current Somali TFG.

It should be remembered-at this time-that the TFG of Somalia was created in
Kenya itself, by a process of strategic elimination, for purposes other than
the honourable service of the Somali civilian population. Therefore, can
there be anyone who is genuinely surprised by the fact that the new TFG of
Somalia is secretly ceding a portion of the Somali oceanic continental shelf
to the Kenyan state? Ironically, during his last few months as President of
the Somali TFG, Cabdullahi Yusuf Axmed is said to have refused a Kenyan
government request for him to sign the very same memorandum of

For all of his lamentable failings, it seems that the old warhorse had some
concept of national interest after all. In stark contrast to his successors,
it must be stated that Cabdullahi Yusuf Axmed had refused-in no uncertain
terms-to cede any portion of the Somali national territory to the Kenyan
government. His punishment-for having dared to thwart Kenyan ambitions-was a
momentary suspension of his travel privileges as the President of Somalia.
The question must be asked, why does the TFG of Somalia exist if it brazenly
serves the interests of the Kenyan state with little regard for legitimate
Somali national interests?

In my opinion, the Somali people can do well without the shameless actions
of certain, so-called, Somali politicians. How can any honourable Somali
respect a man-whilst simultaneously claiming to be a minister of the Somali
government just happens sell portions the precious Somali national territory
to manifestly hostile entities-who prostitutes himself, his recognised
office, and the good name of his nation? In my opinion, this ghastly
event-which certainly represents a stain upon the dignity of the Somali
people-shall precipitate actions in the future which, in all probability,
will lead to the complete downfall of this so-called unity government of

The new TFG of Somalia-it seems to me-is an infinitely worse monster than
its predecessor. This illegitimate and bloated monstrosity cannot be
permitted to speak in the name of the noble Somali nation. It is plainly
evident, from observing the behaviour of the various ministers of the
current Somali TFG entity, and not least the cretin Cabdiraxmann
Cabdishakuur Warsame that these people do not seek to serve the honourable
and ancient Somali nation. These people are nothing more that charlatans,
and unprincipled political opportunists. I urge every sentient Somali man
and woman to reject the vain and preposterous proclamations, of these vile
people, who have managed to transform Villa Somalia into a nest of thieves
in recent years.

For if we tolerate such a blatant abuse of the Somali national territory, at
the present time, future generations shall never forgive us. The Somali
national territory-including the expansive territorial waters of the Somali
nation-represents the basic foundation of the Somali cultural identity.
Without the Somali national territory, there can be no custom, clan, or
national economy. There can be neither native history, nor future
opportunities for the people of Somalia. If it is the wish of the Kenyan
authorities to increase the scope of their economic opportunities at the
expense of the Somali nation, one can only conclude that it is indeed a sad
day. For wars are fought precisely over such matters. I urge the Kenyan
authorities to rethink the contents of the unfortunate memorandum of
understanding in question. I am certain that the Kenyan elite-being a people
of the book-can remember the words "Honour thy neighbour!"

Nasr Ibn Othmann <mailto:yann1@live.co.uk> yann1@live.co.uk


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