Re: [DEHAI] The 'Eritrean' Opposition's desparation

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Date: Sun Apr 26 2009 - 15:36:18 EDT

Selam "Japhet" and Dehaiers,
When Joseph Stalin was told that the Pope is opposing his policies and that
he (the Pope) is bad mouthing him, it is widely claimed that Stalin
by saying "How many divisions does the Pope have?".
Or, how about the way Isayas put it? Not quoted verbatim, but it went like
this : Kem Tirhu gereweyna gerew gerew intebeleka intay fre alewo?
“Stubborn and ardent clinging to one's
opinion is the best proof of stupidity.”...
.............. Michel de Montaigne


Everyone has the right to their own views. Hopefully those views are based
on real facts and are a product of a logical thread of thought.

The self appointed 'Eritrean Opposition' seems to be driven more by blind
hate than anything else. Instead of working for the people of Eritrea and
Eritrea, they seem to have sold their soul to the devil.

Their motto is, create news then create the evidence. In this day and age
when there is so much flow of information, they still think that they can
pull the wool over our eyes.

As we all know there has been a profound and sustained attack waged by the
enemies of Eritrea over the past years. The recent proliferation of
'opposition' websites is indicative of this.

One such website is Asena. It prides itself in having radio broadcasts
from Ethiopia. Never have I come across a website that is full of garbage. Its
main purpose seems to be to put out stories which are far from the truth.
Its claims of the Eritrean government planning on using various Monasteries
as prison camps, is at best delusional and at worst a cynical attempt to
create religious tension.

As you probably know, recently, the above website has published a receipt
of a Bank transaction which alleges to prove that the President has been
syphoning off some funds.

This ploy might have worked sixty or Seventy years ago when channels of
communication were not so good. A casual check of the document purporting to
belong to the President shows various errors, that an original document
wouldn't have.

These errors are as follows;
1) Dear Sirs/Madam, I would have thought that it would be Sir/Madam. A
rather amateurish mistake.
2) In the first line, it starts of I/We, this is fair enough, however
further down the line it becomes I/W, again quite amateurish bearing in mind
this is a form allegedly produced by large Chinese Bank.
3)In the currency conversion box, the document states the conversion rate
between USD and CSY. However the Chinese currency Yuan is abbreviated as
CNY and not CSY. I can not imagine a Bank not knowing its own currency.
4)In the next couple of boxes, the author seems to be mixing and matching
fonts to their hearts content.
5) Towards the bottom right corner of the document, the author of the
document could not be bothered to match the tables nor match up the vertical
and horizontal lines of the table. I can not believe that an International
Bank can overlook such an error.
6) The most glaring evidence of the document is the Signature in the
bottom left Corner. When magnified, it becomes apparent that the signature is
underneath the black line. To me, this suggests that the form was printed on a
 blank paper carrying the signature. Further proof is that at the top of
the signature there is a little horizontal line. It sure does not look like
its part of the signature.

To me having looked at these points (there are probably others), I
concluded that the document was a pretty shoddy forgery. The more disturbing thing
about this whole ugly incident is that, these people are becoming
increasingly desperate and will not stop at anything. They climb on their high
horse and accuse Our Government of all sorts of things. Yet, they themselves
resort to cheap tactics to destabilise our Country. Their aim has never been
to help Eritrea, but to destroy it.

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