Re: [DEHAI] The 'Eritrean' Opposition's desparation

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From: Berhane Alazar (
Date: Sun Apr 26 2009 - 17:07:29 EDT

Yacob and Dehayers,


It is an ongoing slanderous exercise in futility that these Weyane
sponsored "Doom and gloom" websites continue to be engaged in. Similar
lost souls and pretenders have been posting some trash talk even cloning
Eritrean patriots nicknames. They have been doing it in bayto meskerem
until the webmaster put a hold on it recently; and they continue to do
their meaningless mischief at dembe Dehai. I like the way some one has
renamed that trash website as I believe that is more
appropriate than asena (enjoyment) unless they are enjoying the abuse
they must receive from Weyanes.


By the way, as "Mike" would say, now that the Eritrean nigdet is fast
approaching with Eritrea slowly but surely marching forward - expect
these tarikh Hatela to come out of their fox holes and sing the "Doom
and gloom" song till the cows come home. It is the season for Eritrean
Independence and our various Festivals Celebration. Just enjoy the
celebrations wherever you are and the "Eritrean" hassus will disappear
into oblivion. And as to the perpetuators of this crimes, it won't be
long before the Eritrean people will bring them to the court of law for
they are held accountable the poor Eritrean people's tax money that was
spent on them only to be abused and not used for the good deed it was
meant to be! As they say, one may ran, but could not hide for long and
people like Amaniel Iyasu and Daniel Mokonnen know this more than anyone


Happy be'al na'snet ertra!


Berhane Alazar

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