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From: segen80@aol.com
Date: Tue Apr 28 2009 - 20:23:49 EDT


Mike, thanks for the kind words - EAAA is truly worthy of it.? Before I forget.....

EAAA is throwing a party on Saturday May 2nd to celebrate Eritrean Runners' Victory

Where: ECCC 6th and L,?Washington DC?
Time: Starts at 7:45pm until
Date: Saturday the 2nd of May, 2009?

Cover Charge : $20

Every one is invited!

While at She'ib, I was fortunate enough to have met and talked to some of the team coaches.? In a nutshell, each Zoba does the best that it can with what it has and what the country/Sports Commission can afford.? EAAA, no matter the size of its contributions (monetarily), has managed to literally touch the lives of many athletes, by sending shoes, men and women's athletic wear, sending books/magazines and ofcourse award money and medals.? But, most importantly, for being a?critical linkage between Eritrean Athletics in North America and those in Eritrea - sharing information, mentoring and supporting each other.? As Essayas Fessahaye, Sports journalist - Hadas Eritrea and EAAA's representative in Asmara, stated to me;- "EAAA has made a visible impact in Eritrean Athletics".? Each athlete I talked to expressed the moral boost they get just knowing that Eritreans in the diaspora care and are trying to help? out.? Our athletes are truly gifted and dedicated - it should not surprise us that two of the top 10 men
 at?last Sunday's London marathon were Eritreans (Eritreas' Yonas Kifle - 7th??and Eritrean-American Meb Keflezghi - 9th).

So, those in the DC area, please come out and celebrate Eritrean runners and support this worthy organization and those too far to party, go to www.eaaarunners.org?learn about and support EAAA!

Hellen Tesfamariam

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????Thanks for the extensive report. I hope you will write more often because your articles are inspiring. The fact that you are a dedicated member of EAAA is a great plus. I have known EAAA members for a while now and am an avid supporter as well. What EAAA have been able to do for Eritrean Athletics is something that other Eritrean organizations need to emulate.

The story is awesome. I have been to sheib and it is an amazing place with the potential for growth in the very near future. Good luck to EAAA. I haven't seen a report yet but Eritrean athletes did not do so bad in the London marathon despite our biggest star Zeresenay pulling out of the race in his first ever marathon race, I am sure he will regain his momentum and will be back stronger. Yonas Kifle took 7th place which is not bad at all and our Eritrean American olympic silver medalist Meb Kiflezghi was 9th.

There is a great article on Shaebia.org about Yonas Kifle which I thought was great. I hope all our athletes will be ready for the London Olympics in 2012.

Thanks EAAA and Helen.

Mike Seium

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