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From: aklilu_w_1998@yahoo.com
Date: Tue Apr 28 2009 - 21:33:47 EDT

Who Told Them We Ethiopians Deserted from Jesus Christ?
Getachew Reda
Ladies and Gentlemen: before you start reading my article I invite you to visit the
following website
http://www.saveethiopians.net and you will see a clip of video produced by a group of
missionaries in Ethiopia under the mission “COME AND CHANGE THE WORLD
WITH US” http://www.freshfire.ca/downloads/video/ethiopia1wmv
After you watch the video clips posted on the indicated Ethiopian website above which is
posted by victims and concerned patriotic Ethiopians, give your judgment how the
Ethiopian pride, soul and body is undignified, dehumanized, pushed to the ground, hold
and pressed by a Cow Boy boot, suffocated and squeezed until the victim choked and
forced to say and repeat the comical fangs/delusional words sank into the repressed
psyches of the victim set by the mind control device agents of religious preachers who
are legally allowed to enter into Ethiopia from the West to spread Western religions with
full cooperation of the present Ethiopian government of TPLF/EPRDF.
This and other mind control conspiratorial mission of abuse from outsiders and inside
collaborators of some Ethiopian born mercenaries needs to be challenged none violently
by social scholars and patriotic Ethiopians to protect our citizens from such absurd and
abuse. I am not going to waste my time challenging these modern witch craft-sinners and
mind produce technique producers/abusers/ who falsely claimed themselves agents of
God and “the healers” to ask them if they did finished healing their own people who are
suffering from different manic depression, negative attitude, sin, illnesses, poverty,
discrimination, repression and insane suffering by a the said/claimed “demon” first and
for-most before they cross Africa/Ethiopia asking us to join their invitation of “Come
Change the World with Us” mission. Certainly, since we know they didn’t start it let
alone finish their mission of healing in their respected countries in the West, where we
live and witnessing that millions hollering at them from prison darks to the Ghetto-hood
fences, repeatedly appealing for their help, as the Michael Eric Dyson book title clearly
stated it “Holler if You Hear Me and Mercy, Mercy Me”. Leaving those millions behind
bars and the Ghetto hoods suffering from mental and social illness and discriminations
living those millions of desperate Americans appealing for help with no one to reach
them. Millions living in desperations without those missionaries of man made God and
Goddesses of holly hands of protection, no one around to help them while still yelling for
“Help”. Is this something expected from these healers and missionaries? Why do they
give priority Africans to be healed by these Religious missionaries before the millions of
desperate Americans helped and heal? This is something we all should question their
mission to Ethiopia/Africa.
As you clearly saw it in the video, anyone Ethiopian who respect his people and culture
after seeing this dehumanizing act by those missionaries against our citizens should
conceder the act as each of our weakness and embarrassment to let our pride, dignified,
illiterates, honest, down to earth people to be vulnerable for such vicious, noisy, myth and
repressive mind control abusive acts in the name of religion. Seeing such humiliation,
seeing your people pushed to the ground, squeezed, choked and pressed hold to the
ground by a foreigner’s boots treated as a slaughtered cow with no passion/care of love of
God but to produce guilt- a “Guilt” in the mind of innocents by those appeared “God”
acting- like is indeed heart breaking.
Those of you who took hypnotic class as a minor or major subject in school will agree
with me these missionaries and their collaborators are trying to inject guilt in the mind of
those who are illiterate, poor and vulnerable Ethiopians in Ethiopia by producing special
mind control techniques to claim they are God sent healers falsely.
Let us discuss religion among us the adults who claimed read few pages of the modern
civilization and science without involving the unaware sectors of society to our
discussion to clearly challenge it for better development. Religion is an ideology. As
long as it is ideology, science, medicine (theology)-it is subject for challenges and
questions. As long as it insists conformity and power, still human mind will certainly
question its negative and positive value. This is base on why I need to elaborate to all
of you, that religion too must be stopped when it crossed the human dignity and pride.
You like me as a person or not for challenging those mind control agents is your right
and your judgment. But, what I am concerned the most is urging all of you particularly
those of you the young students in Ethiopian universities and highs cool students
reading my article not to take it slightly the issue of “pride and sovereignty” when you
examine in your mind to give the meanings of “ human dignity, flag, country, truth,
love religion and God” in order to protect our vulnerable society at this very
challenging era of Ethiopia’s survival in question. All must discuss what is wrong with
us and why our society is by the Western religion exporters treated as “souls who are
not familiar with Jesus Christ/God”? And why are they calling our people “insane,
demon, mentally unfit to heal ourselves by ourselves without looking outsider’s man
made God/Goddess who are calling themselves-at the rank of healers/saviors”? How
could their God told them to landing their cowboy boot on our people’s chest and
throat as if an escapee goat from a slaughtering house as beasts to take a mockery of us
could conceder as if a sign of passion and God’s love?
We understand man lives in the universe, which partially understands. He is confronted
with forces and powers over which he can exercise only a limited control but which press
upon his life insist on conformity with their laws. I understand we can formulate
questions to which we cannot find answers. As one classic author note “Answers to all
the biggest questions still remaining in the area of speculation”. Man knows he is doom
to die from nature on which he yet has no control. Because of the inevitable “death”, he is
vulnerable to fear in every second of his life. The remedy to his paranoia as tool of
response is what is called “religion”; the author that I don’t want to mention says “ and
his attempt to formulate some intelligible and assuring account of his relationship with
the mysterious and threatening world around him gave birth to the myths, the creeds, the
dogmas, the “beliefs” by means of which men have attempted to find a measure of
Western religions he said “(unlike some in the east) take the divine origin of man as their
starting points……….Central to all Western religion is the concept of a divine “father”
who has revealed what rules of conduct he wishes his human children to follow. That
there was some survival usefulness in this concept of an extra-human lawmaker cannot
be doubted. If a primitive society was to preserve its cohesion and to compel its
individual members to conform to social customs it required a sanction outside itself.
Thus the tribal rulers of conduct became much more than socially useful rules, they
became much more than socially useful rules, they became divinely ordained laws. And
from the divine lawmakers there was no escape. However alone you were, however
separated from your tribal group, the all Seeing Eye was there watching you. In the
very depth of the jungle, in the vast spaces of the desert you were being watched. As a
technique to maintain social cohesion it was a useful device and perhaps in the earlier
stage of man’s development a necessary one”.
Now, if you have seen the video clip I referred you to watch, let us then ask why those
foreign/Western missionaries in Ethiopia forced the poor, vulnerable society to feel sense
of guilt? As you read it above I quoted it for you; belief in an all-powerful, all-seeing
father-god was an extension the child’s experience of his human father. To a small child
his father appears godlike: he is omnipotent; he is the provider; in his arms one feels no
fear; he brings protection, comfort, security, love. But the human father is also capable of
terrible anger and has constantly to be propitiated. Every child is aware of the necessity to
submit to his father, and this became later his submission to his father god: said the
author- “thy will oh Lord not mine be done” religion, in thus extending into later life
attitudes appropriate to childhood, acted as a mechanism for the control of the adult.
But, deep-seated beliefs die slowly. An enormous number of people who think they have
abandoned their belief on father-god nevertheless feel as if they have sinned have broken
an extra-human law when they deviate from some man-made rule. That is what you see
in that video the missionaries trying to force guilt on those ill, poor, weak, vulnerable,
powerless Ethiopian societies as if they didn’t know or have no faith of Jesus Christ
These missionaries and their inside collaborators are accusing and diagnosing these poor
mentally sick people as followers of demon or captives/worshipers/victims of demon/evil
dubbed as if “Deserters from the Jesus”. These disable sick/ill patients could have been
suffering from viral malaria or the meningocerebritis or any blood, nerve or chemical inbalance
of the body and brain system suffering for months or years: Still these
missionaries could careless about to find the real cause of the patients (as long as the
patient is not themselves or one of their close family-/ which you and I know for sure, if
this patients was theirs, they will be referred to “the best medical Doctor money can buy
in the Glob”. But since our people has no governmental protection from its own country
government- these poor, vulnerable, starved repressed and depressed human beings; are
approached by those missionaries and their collaborators with a vicious, mythical and
extremely-noisy mind control exclamation and murmur to make them feel guilt in order
to control their supremacy and control indigenous people in a sovereign country that they
want to colonize and dived and rule introducing hundreds of new religious beliefs of their
own among a virgin society forced to abandoned his religious leaders, belief and culture.
Guilt is an immensely powerful weapon. If once you can make a man feel guilty, make
him that there is something WRONG WITH HIM you have gained a psychological
ascendancy over him. In the course of human history all manner of guilt producing
techniques have been developed by those who wish to keep us in subjection. Organized
Western religion are masters at producing guilt among their followers. That is why you
saw in the video clip that I referred you to watch how they insisting these poor vulnerable
weak patients, physically and psychologically forcibly obliged to admit guilt of “sane”
what ever sane they are making-up to subdued their prey. They- “these agents” acted as
“Men Gods” as if they are the absolute god of goodness, present themselves in front of
our vulnerable society as perfect as the father in heaven with no reservation of guilt to
their inner soul to force poor weak vulnerable medical patients to admit Guilt as if they
are worthless human-beings is nothing but arrogance and premature-mental ignorance of
those who claimed civilized healers. I take see this conspiracy of injecting ideology of
confusion to encounter modern science from growing in third world countries.
When you look at the video clip, though they forced the weak to be pushed to the ground
by subdued the weak forcefully to create anxiety and suspicious in their soul, I believe
the preachers themselves shows they too seem they are not free from guilt. The
suggestions given to those made vulnerable by religious belief have the same potency.
“Religious” people are almost always people with high component of guilt and anxiety
for they can “never”, in the very nature of things, live up to the “perfection” that is
demanded from them. What ever compulsive disorder the healers suffered:- having said
this also, these religious organizations are highly organized and powerful with possession
of huge capital and property/assets with a power to elect or repress strong powerful
politicians to any wave and length they wanted to drag them. Our people might not also
know that many of these religious preachers are corrupt and few landed in jail for
stealing church money, greed, prostitutions and shame. These Western “healers” can’t be
blamed entirely for accusing our people of deserting Jesus Christ to be captive by
“demons” saw our people shackled by chain of poverty when black American Icons a
comedian like “Bill Cosby suggested to black poor that “God is tired of you” (read “is
Bill Cosby Right (or Has the Black Middle Class Lost its Mind? By Michael Eric Dyson)
It is a wonder that so much effort, time and money go into the religious business? TV
programs, elaborate ritual, marvelous music, choirs, robes, vestments, diadems, angels,
candles, every device that will bedazzle us and awaken in us the primitive yearnings from
our ancients past. With this go the reminders that we miserable sinners, creatures
unworthy of the infinite blessings that are ours!” wrote one social activist. As many of
you remember in Ethiopia and elsewhere in the past and in the present era, whatever
revolutionary and survival uses religion may have had in the earlier stages of man’s
development, with the emergence of class society religion became a class weapon,
instead to obscure from the people the extent to which were and still are being exploited.
May I ask these foreign missionaries and their collaborators to give us the answer that
“who told them we Ethiopians Deserted from Jesus Christ to the extent they devalue our
people dubbing them as “a captive of demons” in their own sovereign country, poor
vulnerable society pushed forcefully to the ground, choking their throat, restrained their
extremities/ legs and arms with their Cow boy boot to the ground? Why was such
humiliation necessary to the weak and poor? Does the bible condemn the poor to be
humiliated? We know this world is to those with money and power. It is not that this
world that matters, we are told: real life, the life of joy and happiness comes when we are
dead-but only if we remain docile and obedient (bless are the meek) in this We also know
that the celebration of High Mass is made to be more important to people than the
condition of their earthy lives. We also know that we were been preached that Life should
be a time of trial and tribulation- and the more trial and tribulation we experience the
more credit we accumulate for our hereafter. “Bless are the poor”, this way -the poor are
extremely fortunate to be poor- for they will inherit everything the whole earth-after they
are dead! If that is the case why are these missionaries preaching the poor Ethiopians
instead of the rich Americans who are extremely rich who took this world on earth as
their heavenly sky that matters to them?
What can I say? Cray my beloved Ethiopia! May god of Ethiopia be with you, the god
that immigrated with us after he himself was questioned and demanded his ethnic identity
to submit to the law of the land so he “the color blind –the GOD of Ethiopia ” too, to be
organized with his ethnic affiliations (as if he has one) according to the ethnic law of the
millennium of the New world Order. I can’t help you but to cry with my pen hollering
“Cray my beloved country! “//-//

Modern Pentecostals are identical to Hypnotists:
Stage Hypnotism - Stage Pentecostalism

How to Hypnotize ... How to faith heal
We’ve all seen some of the amazing things that hypnotist can make people do on stage. Nicholas Spanos and Theodore Barber did more than just wonder they made a study of this phenomena. Their conclusion is that little or no hypnosis is necessary to do a good stage hypnosis act. To prove it they have been able to recreate every stunt performed by the stage hypnotist without resorting to hypnosis. Their view is that stage hypnosis produced a normal mental state in which suggestible people act out the role of a hypnotic subject and behave as they think hypnotized people are supposed to. Stage hypnotists make use of certain characteristics of the stage to perform their act. Here are SIX methods stage hypnotists use. Notice they are identical to Pentecostal faith healers in their revival meetings!

Actual hypnotist name of Method

How to Hypnotize

Pentecostal Faith healers use the identical methods!
How to run a Revival:

1. Getting the right subjects

Only volunteers are allowed to appear on the stage. This alone ensures that participants are relatively uninhibited and ready to participate. Next the group is hypnotized and anyone who doesn’t succumb (or go along ) is eliminated. This means the hypnotist has a group of subjects who are ready to perform.

The call to the front to be slain in the spirit or healed at the end of the service is a method of filtering for those in the audience who are most willing to perform!

2. Suggestibility

We are all more or less open to suggestion, but on stage people are unusually cooperative because they want the hypnotist to succeed - they don’t want to ruin the act. As a result, they will readily follow almost any instruction given by the performer.

Those who come forward have a strong desire to believe they are going to be slain in the spirit. (hypnotized).

3. No responsibility

The movies, TV and such stage acts have instilled a common perception about how hypnotized people should act. One of these perceptions is that "hypnotized" people are not responsible for their actions. They therefore can sing, dance, act silly or whatever without fear of embarrassment.

Pentecostals are taught how to be slain in the Spirit. (there is nothing like it in the Bible) When they go up, they know they should shake uncontrollably, get emotional and make themselves fall to the ground!

4. Directing the actors

It doesn’t take long for participants to loosen up and after responding to a few suggestions suddenly find themselves the star of the show. The audience response often brings out the "ham" in many participants so that all the hypnotist has to do is direct the action.

Getting slain in the Spirit on a regular basis is a central part of many Pentecostal members. They know how they should act during the "show" and ham it up right on cue!

5. Using tricks

Stage hypnotists use impressive stage tricks for impact. A common one is to rigidly suspend a person between two chairs and then stand on the person’s chest. This is impressive only because the audience doesn’t question it. The reality is, as Nicholas Spanos has shown, that anyone can do it.

ALL Pentecostals faith healers are fakes and frauds, both knowingly and unknowingly. Their list of tricks is long and well documented. The fact remains that NOTHING MIRACULOUS EVER HAPPENS! It is all personal testimonials and deception.

6. Inexperience

People who have appeared on stage will generally always say they were hypnotized or felt they were hypnotized. But since most people don’t know what it is like to be hypnotized, the combination of bright lights, nervousness and the things they did convince them that they were.

Pentecostals have always confused emotionalism for the presence of God. Pentecostals walk away claiming they were touched by deity, when in fact they are entirely self-deluded by their own emotions!

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