[DEHAI] OPINION: Woyane: A Government that Deserves a Coup

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From: Biniam Haile \(SWE\) (eritrea.lave@comhem.se)
Date: Thu Apr 30 2009 - 10:59:00 EDT

Thursday, April 30, 2009
Woyane: A Government that Deserves a Coup
I think the count down to Woyane's demise has just started if the coup
attempt, that, they claimed has occured is to be believed, and that
should be something that we Ethiopians have to be proud of and should be
supported by the international community, rather than being averted.
What options has Woyane left for Ethiopians to exercise their right of
electing their leaders, except by coup? It has stolen the 2005 election,
vowed to remain in power on the ground of building a developmental
state, is stageplaying to conduct a sham election for 2010, and has
already started jailing prominent opposition leaders in the country.
Woyane is a government without a constituency in Ethiopia, just clinging
to power by sheer force. Its confidence on its sheer force has reached
such an arrogant proportion that it considers itself that it cannot be
challenged and can rule with impunity. On their own account, we are now
witnessing that they had an inflated perception of themselves. That they
are weak and vulnerable.
For a people that has been demanding its freedom, and that has been
denied all options of exercising its right, a coup could be an
alternative route. Thus the effort of the Ethiopian military to stage a
coup is the right step that has to be encouraged and facilitated, not
averted by the international community.
The Ethiopian people, the horn of Africa region and the wider
intenational community would be better off if the Woyane regime is
deposed from power by all means. This is a regime willing to play all
the cards to spread terror in the country and the region if it sees any
threat to its power.
As evidenced, after the alleged coup incident, the Woyane regime has
been calling the US government to hand him over, the leader of Ginbot 7
as the culprit, and is threatening to destabilize the region if its
question is not answered. They shamelessly reveal their desire to hold
America hostage to their sinister motive of staying in power.
It is high time for America and the democratic world to draw the red
line. It is time to encourage the military to harness the benefit out of
a coup. There is no sovereignty to be lost by doing so. Woyane is an
illegitimate and unpopular regime that deserves to be deposed by a
strategic coup, before the country is engulfed by a more costly civil
war where the international community pays even more price.


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