[DEHAI] Thanks Hellen and Mike// Sheib Eritrea Liberation versus Occupation

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From: Yohannes Debesai (ydebesai@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Apr 30 2009 - 17:07:47 EDT

Thanks Hellen and Mike,
Heart touching article Hellen ! I also saw the interview on Eri-TV ( you and Zerisenay) about Sheib. Your emotions were vivid. I always admire you for your true emotions and living up to your heart to help Eritrea. You contributions into Eritrea's case and EAAA have made a difference ! 
I Agree with Mike that we love to see you write more.
Mike, Thank you for your kind sentiment about EAAA and your support for our athletes !
See you on EAAA's Celebration Party, this Saturday.
Yohannes Debesai,
~EAAA: Aspiring to uplift Eritrea in Athletics

“It is not the impossible which gives cause for despair, but the failure to achieve the possible” Louis Michel

“Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of quality; the other, a matter of time.” 
Mike Seium wrote:

    Thanks for the extensive report. I hope you will write more often
because your articles are inspiring. The fact that you are a dedicated
member of EAAA is a great plus. I have known EAAA members for a while now
and am an avid supporter as well. What EAAA have been able to do for
Eritrean Athletics is something that other Eritrean organizations need to

The story is awesome. I have been to sheib and it is an amazing place with
the potential for growth in the very near future. Good luck to EAAA. I
haven't seen a report yet but Eritrean athletes did not do so bad in the
London marathon despite our biggest star Zeresenay pulling out of the race
in his first ever marathon race, I am sure he will regain his momentum and
will be back stronger. Yonas Kifle took 7th place which is not bad at all
and our Eritrean American olympic silver medalist Meb Kiflezghi was 9th.

There is a great article on Shaebia.org about Yonas Kifle which I thought
was great. I hope all our athletes will be ready for the London Olympics in

Thanks EAAA and Helen.

Mike Seium 

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