[DEHAI] Sophie Legal Defense Fund (Corrected)

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From: Berhane Alazar (erigram@comcast.net)
Date: Fri May 01 2009 - 20:54:59 EDT

Dear Eritrean community,


Now that we have been given an early Independence Day gift, the
vindication of our Sophie against Mr. Gadi's baseless accusation, let me
congratulate Sophie and Karl Olson, her defense attorney, on a job well
done! As we all know, Eritrea is where she is because of her sons and
daughters who legally and fiercely defend her values. Those values of
maintaining its political independence, national sovereignty and
territorial integrity are sacrosanct to all Eritreans.


However as most good things in life, such gifts do not come free as
"manna from heaven". Or to use a contemporary idiom "There is no free
lunch" and as such, we know that she must have incurred legal expenses.


We have therefore opened up a "Legal Defense Fund" account at Bank of
America, to help pay for the expenses incurred to clear her good name.
In addition, although the case was dismissed in California, Mr.Gadi may
file another baseless suit in some other jurisdiction. We need to be
ready to retain legal counsel to defend Sophie if that happens.


If you would like to help, you can send your contributions to:


Bank of America

Sophia Tesfamariam

Legal Defense Fund

Account number: 435016356915.


You may also use pay pal to make on-line contributions


Or mail your contributions and letters to:


Sophia Tesfamariam

P.O. Box 3309

Reston, VA 20195


Berhane Alazar


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