[DEHAI] Ain't she gutsy :-) ...what would the Dehai Jury say?

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From: Tesfai Kflu (tkflu@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun May 03 2009 - 01:19:03 EDT

 Hello Dehaiers:

     This is funy... the Shingrwa jury blantly said to her, on her face 'she doesn't

have what it takes' ... and she bluntly said to them 'you may think like that, but you are not right'. She said, I personally believe I have it... you are just not interested ... she said, you woudn't let me finish it. They said, lady Mesgana, we have heard you say it... you have said enough and we just believe you don't have it. She said nop.... I know I can sing... I know I have it... in fact, my own friends(Jame-A) in my neighbourhood and other places (by implication) believe I am a good singer....

     I have never seen one like her... I say say she is gutsy... she has confidence in herself.. she doesn't easily give up... in a way, I say she is interesting ... at least, she mad me lough :-)

     What would the Dehai Jury say?

The website for the video is in the bottom...
Tesfai Kflu

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Subject: this so funny, Shnigrwa, u will laugh
Date: Sat, 2 May 2009 21:17:27 -0400


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