[DEHAI] They will be held accountable for their crime

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From: mgebreab@earthlink.net
Date: Thu May 07 2009 - 12:23:14 EDT

Selam,Zizi ,Ghedim,wedi hager,Eri- Girl and all, every one of your comment is correct. Zizi you are absolutely right it need to be researched , studied and documented. it is part of the Eritrean struggle history whether it is ugly and painful events or forwarding and progress events.
Ghedim you are right when you said there was more untold story around the 1978 Barentu battle. but I already told you that to tell all the story it will take more than one book. Eri-Girl ask me if I want to write a book I am not Sure for know but you never know in the future. I am receiving tons of privet Email from tegadelti who were at this events . some of them from the same my Battalion 149 who are forwarding to me their phone number and began to talk the painful events. they are tanking me for telling their forgotten and
painful ordeal which was eating them from inside for the last thirty years. a couple of them are here in the USA and told me how i was very lucky and got interrogated by someone from my old ganta and set me free early. but they were not so lucky and held, tortured ,humiliated for four years(1977-1981) by Saleh Vaseline and co at the prison comp. they told me in1981 when the war breakout between ELF and EPLF. the EPLF push the Jebh all the way to barka and approached the prison comp. then the ELF released the prisoners and gave them Kalashin to fight against the EPLF but some of the prisoners tegadelti turn their gun against ELF and joined the EPLF and pushed the ELF all the way to Sudan. and some of the Prisoners they just diapered and went to Sudan. so there is a lot of untold crime committed by Vaseline and co, but some day someone will tell and they will be held accountable for their crime .

Mussie Gebreab
Happy 18th Eritrean Independence Day!

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