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From: Solomon Zerai (zerai_s@yahoo.co.uk)
Date: Fri May 08 2009 - 21:55:39 EDT

EritreaDaily & Dr.Mesoud Filli
by Zerai Solomon

I just want to share some information with you - know your enemy is well established military and hacker philosophy... very few organizations today really know who their enemies are, how they might attack.

 Coupling the "know your enemy" with scenario - based intelligence analysis (SBIA) provides the ability to derive substantial intelligence about potential attacks and role-play responses and defensive measures creates a wealth of knowledge.

"Berhane M Tekeste" of eritrea Daily is the stinking Shire *** whose real name is Dr Mesoud Filli. based in New-Jersey USA - During the struggle, he was a member of the National Union of Eritrean Students (NUES) in Berlin and Hamburg Germany - Because of his ever changing stances on issues, he was kicked out of the organization and later he moved to Swisserland and later to Minnesota USA - In 2003 he changed his name & identity to Berhane Tekeste and moved to New-Jersey.
Dr. Messoud Filli is wanted by the FBI for serious crime.
His phone number is 001-732-3978849!

Dr.Messoud Filli IS the webmaster of eritreadaily.net  EritreaDaily.networth was US$3,248.50 last year and it has gone down to US$2744.8 as of today.
Dr.Messoud Filli is also the owner & admin of Dembe Democrasi in PalTalk room - nickname Dembe!
                Domain Name: eritreadaily.net

      Created on..............: Sun, Feb 09, 2003
      Expires on..............:  Tue, Feb 09, 2010
"Unquote  January 3rd 2009".

DEAAA - Media & Information warfare Team created by Paulos Tesfagiorgis / Dan Connel
refers to actions and tactics designed to influence the opinion of people and foreign news media by manipulating information distributed openly; members Ammanuel Eyassu, Ali Hindi, Samuel Akaka (London UK), Solomon Abera (Germany), Feven Solomon (R'dam),
Daniel Rezene (Brussels), Tesfaledet A. Meharena (California), Messoud Filli (New-Jersey).

Mes selamta & Happy Indepedence
Zerai Solomon

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