Sam is anti Eritrean Re: [DEHAI] Another note to Shabait - Yes, Again!

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From: Savi Alazar (
Date: Wed May 13 2009 - 03:05:47 EDT

Beniam and Dehai,


The person with the name "Sam" is nothing but trouble. I stated last year about his writing motives that he/she is anti Eritrean. He/she passes for "intellectual" writer with cut and past article posting, never change blog photo with Eritrean flag background to mislead Eritreans to make us believe that he/she is one of us. Writing about Shabait spelling is so irrelevant to what our nation is celebrating at this moment. As many stated the right place is to use the appropriate channel. However, posting at Dehai with harsh tone toward our government, the sole purpose is to stir emotional anger, create arguments, and change the mood of Independence celebration to negative atmosphere at Dehai's discussion. If this person cares about Eritrea, is this the right time to write at the wrong place insignificant spelling hiccups?? Let alone Shabait site many native English writers make huge spelling mistakes on their news paper and their web sites. If she/he was truly patriotic as he/she projected to the Dehai audience was it necessary to write about Shabait spelling mistakes when the country is celebrating its 18th anniversary???? "Sam" never saw him/her writing about Shabait's accomplishments, nor Eritrea's, nor our president's, nor other Eritreans accomplishments???


Do not react to his provocative writings, the bottom line the imposter "Sam" is anti Eritrean and posting articles at Deahi is just a cover up. He/she is a pathetic, jealous, insecure, and anti-Erireatean individual.



Sam! misspelled "Henz" as "Heinz" - one letter is off , i.e 'i'.


While I agree that Knowing somebody's name, and using it properly,
demonstrates respect, I think that your criticism is too harsh. Your
tone and style in writing your messages doesn't help anybody and has
become somewhat of an insult-fest. My humble advice would be to contact when you notice a mistake and bring the error to their


Biniam Haile


From: Sam B (
Date: Mon May 11 2009 - 21:54:00 EDT

Perhaps, it is no big deal to misspell both names of a President that
was considerate enough to send his kind wishes to the Eritrean Peopleon
anniversary of their liberation.


what is it that allows for these mistakes to happen over and again? It
may be just plain laziness, incompetence or just plain old disregard for
professionalism. Whatever the reason, if anyone at wants to
look up the name of the President of Austria it can be found in the
following link.
<> &language=en
Blog Page

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they
are free.

           ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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