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Date: Wed May 13 2009 - 20:45:10 EDT

Selam Dehaiers,
Sam B. is a great Dehaier. Thanks to him and a very few other Dehaiers, I
keep reading very insightful articles. should be grateful that
he took the time to criticize their writing.
When people point out mistakes to others, they aren't saying that
they don't make the same mistakes themselves. They are only saying
that those particular mistakes were made and that they should be recognized
and corrections with apologies issued and efforts made to
avoid the same mistakes being repeated -- so that our society can get
better and better.
Before somebody jumps the gun and rushes to find errors in this post
and my many previous posts,let me save him/her the trouble. Despite
my sincere efforts, as you very well know, my posts have been frequently
peppered with typos, spelling and grammatical errors. Of course, I hate them.
Nobody should accept mistakes as a way of doing business. There should be a
continuous battle to eliminate ALL errors. This battle should become even
more pronounced with posts generated by organizations, especially
government-run ones. After all, there is a marked difference between posts generated
by an individual like myself (or Sam B.) and that by an organization like
Shabait. You see, while we talk of Qolo TitiQo here in Dehai, the Shabait
people talk of ...well, of everything of how to keep getting the
real edible Qolo TitiQo for our hungry people.
“Stubborn and ardent clinging to one's
opinion is the best proof of stupidity.”...
.............. Michel de Montaigne

Selam Feven and seb Dehai,

I liked your English_German interesting comparison on the names.

And I can understand the deqi Alazars & the beAl Biniams who expressed
frustration with Sam B. But let’s not blow things out of proportion folks.
beAl Sami are starting to get irritated ;-).

Feven, I was surprised by your and Savi’s rather harsh comments to Sam B.,
however. When you said: “…what you´re doing is intellectually repugnant,
it is worst than what is our good Dottore Filli, B. Tekeste or whoever he
will be next year…”.

I don’t think any action can be compared to whatever that psychopath “
Berhane M. Tekeste” is doing. Mesoudi Filli or Berhane Tekeste is the Embaye
Melekin of the 20th century. So comparing any Eritrean, specially prolific
thinkers like Sam B. to the maniac “Berhane M. Tekeste” is the extreme
insult of our times. I hope you didn’t mean to be that mean.

Biniam Hagos pointed out the fact that Sam B. misspelled Shabait in his
complaint, which should be a humbling experience (for Sam B). And things
should have been left at that. All Sam B. did was point out an error and he’s
been correct 99% of the time with the errors.

P.S.: I've had similar frustrations with when trying to send
constructive criticisms via email so I tend to often sympathize with Sam
B.'s casual complaints. (and not because he's a moKsi).

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