Re: Sam is anti Eritrean Re: [DEHAI] Another note to Shabait - Yes, Again!

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From: Savi Alazar (
Date: Thu May 14 2009 - 01:30:59 EDT

Biniam, show me where did "Sam" proved his/her patriotism? I do not consider "Sam" someone in favor of Eritrea, the cut and past articles at Dehai do not spare him/her to open fire and get away with it. If she/he is that patriotic, how come missed the train to join the self contained individuals who offer their assistance to who ever needs it. What was his/her objective in the first place capitalizing irrelevant and insignificant spelling mistake hysterically? He/she is the one who was degrading Shabait and I took it personally. I do not consider patriotism when an individual for small or higher purpose degrade on its own country and people in public. There is no small poison.


Savi Alazar!
You see, some people think the Eritrean Ministry of Information is doing
a terrific job, while others think it is in need of improvement, but
that's not the point. The point is that our country is in a state of war
and we should give unconditional support to all our institutions despite
their 'shortcomings'. As long as we are in a state of war, we should
refrain from making inflammatory comments. This is not the time to
criticize MoI or any other Eritrean institution, especially considering
that they are working hard, despite difficult circumstances. And that's
the bottom line, in my view.
While I agree that Sam B should try to make his statements in a
constructive manner and refrain from making inflammatory comments, I
really don't think he deserve to be labelled as 'anti-Eritrea'. Sam B
has certainly proved his patriotism to Eritrea. In my humble opinion,
the mere thought of comparing Sam B to the low-life Mesoud Filli is
beyond ridiculous. Please let's not get hysterical about the
inappropriate comments made by Sam B. We don't have to agree on anything
but degrading and disrespecting each other doesn't help anyone.
Biniam Haile

From: Savi Alazar (
Date: Wed May 13 2009 - 03:05:47 EDT

Beniam and Dehai,

The person with the name "Sam" is nothing but trouble. I stated last
year about his writing motives that he/she is anti Eritrean. He/she
passes for "intellectual" writer with cut and past article posting,
never change blog photo with Eritrean flag background to mislead
Eritreans to make us believe that he/she is one of us. Writing about
Shabait spelling is so irrelevant to what our nation is celebrating at
this moment. As many stated the right place is to use the appropriate
channel. However, posting at Dehai with harsh tone toward our
government, the sole purpose is to stir emotional anger, create
arguments, and change the mood of Independence celebration to negative
atmosphere at Dehai's discussion. If this person cares about Eritrea, is
this the right time to write at the wrong place insignificant spelling
hiccups?? Let alone Shabait site many native English writers make huge
spelling mistakes on their news paper and their web sites. If she/he was
truly patriotic as he/she projected to the Dehai audience was it
necessary to write about Shabait spelling mistakes when the country is
celebrating its 18th anniversary???? "Sam" never saw him/her writing
about Shabait's accomplishments, nor Eritrea's, nor our president's, nor
other Eritreans accomplishments???
Do not react to his provocative writings, the bottom line the imposter
"Sam" is anti Eritrean and posting articles at Deahi is just a cover up.
He/she is a pathetic, jealous, insecure, and anti-Erireatean individual.


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