[DEHAI] Men kem Sam B. - A Nitpicker...???

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From: Feben Andualem (feben_andualem@yahoo.de)
Date: Thu May 14 2009 - 04:17:55 EDT

Hello Sammy G.,
Selam Dehai People...!

...thank you for your input.
>From my side Im ready to apologize to Sam B.
As Ive highlighted Im a fan of this person...

But I hate it when he is doing good thinks and at the same time he
abase oneself....

Criticizing Shabait.com is good and it is needed! No one is against criticizing shabait.com..!! If it happen based on substantial argument than it is more than welcome

Ive no problem with criticizing shabait.com but he brings it to the public as handling with shabait is end of the road / darkness and in a very sarcastic fashion...

I mean I sent sometimes messages and infos (also correction info) to very big online news magazins like cnn, bbc or spiegel in germany... besides that I receive an automatic generated reply (called autoreply) There is nothing...., empty nada...!!! Sometimes I receive a thank you message from an editor..! The reality is Im just one of many million readers, users... and I dont expect them to install a person who is submitting individual replys to every ones demand.....

Above all, if I dont see any reaction or reply I don't have to shout it from the housetops!

Sam B Title:
Another note to Shabait - Yes, Again!

Yes, Again: Again Shabait is allowed to make mistakes. And when it makes a mistake this not end of the road....

furthermore he wrote
what is it that allows for these mistakes to happen over and again? It may be just plain laziness, incompetence or just plain old disregard for professionalism. Whatever the reason, if anyone at Shabit.com wants to look up the name of the President of Austria it can be found in the following link.

For the above comment I dont need say anything more... Here our beloved Sam B. unnecessarily has shown the worst excesses of pretension, overreaction and detachdness...

To flame someone in electronic communications is very very easy. This is what I wanted to show and that is why I compared Sam B. with our prominent maniac bawler Mesoud Filli who is totally detached but believes he is fully integrated.

 As Sam B. can see from reactions of Dehaiers: Sam B. seems to be a fully integrated person....!!

That Sam B is not an annoying and uncontrollable person, who has lost contact with reality like Mesoud Filli should be very very clear.

Kudos to all Sams....!!!!
uups it is not more a secret, now everybody know that Im a fan of beal Samis....!!!

Feben A.

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