[DEHAI] Eritrea: 18 years of growth despite obstacles, so What is next?

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From: michael seium (michael.seium@gmail.com)
Date: Sat May 16 2009 - 10:20:03 EDT

     For a long time starting during pre-independence until now the question
of "Self Reliance" for Eritrea has been treated as if it was some kind of
myth. Many in the outside world know very little that Eritrea was created by
the vision that helped and molded it to be a strong nation with a "can do"
attitude. Some international experts and economists did not think the method
of building a new country from scratch would be realistic without outside
support, add to that a new distraction towards the end of the millennium and
those experts were sure to see a puppet nation or a failed and possibly a
lawless nation in the making. In 1998 almost 10 years ago a full decade was
stolen from this young nation after a war was waged based on lies and
deception. The war mongers were almost 100% sure that they would be
victorious. In less than 10 years they thought that they would bring a
nation of brave and united people to their knees. The Eritrea thousands died
for would have been compromised and life could have possibly been different
today. However, it is wrong to under estimate the Eritrean people as has
been during the thirty year struggle.

Phase 2 of building a nation,

     The economy in Eritrea according to experts was not suppose to survive.
Why? Because no other nation in the world has been able to build a nation
from zero while also defending it's borders from aggression. While it has
taken a toll on the people of Eritrea, the fact remains that Eritrea today
is better off than it has ever been at any given time. The proof is in the
pudding. Dams, Micro dams, are now the new wave of infrastructures being
built for better change and long term stability. The time when
schools, clinics and roads were the main priority have surpassed
expectations and have shown success even by international standards.

  It's time to focus on food security for the long term. Once that phase is
taken care of, then the nation's economic success will bear some fruit. It
is very important to understand that sacrifices have been made to maintain
the nation's survival and in the process many have given up their time,
effort, and patience so that Eritrea can stay intact. Many Eritrean families
have been affected and when each of us speak of the tough times, we need to
be considerate of the fact that the Eritrean nation lead by it's own sons
and daughters is better than a nation dictated by outsiders who never have
cared for the well being of Eritrea. This is part of the struggle Eritrea
faces as a new nation.

At the age of 18 years the independence of a youngster starts and he/she
will create a path for their future life. They make decisions as to what is
it in life they want to pursue and Eritrea as a nation is in the same
category. Where are we headed, and how do we plan to get there? I believe
recent developments have clearly indicated that the nation is headed for
economic growth, building human resources capacity and creating the next
wave of leaders that will maintain the integrity of the nation that was
built with the blood of many.

Regional peace and cooperation will be at the forefront of the strategy for
economic development. Almost all our neighbours in our area with the
exception of a the minority regime in Addis have finally come to a
conclusion that Eritrea is a threat of good example rather than what the
western media has been portraying it all along. The European Union, and many
other nations are eager to do business with Eritrea. This is a time when a
developing nation is slowly making a transition to full scale development.
This only in 18 years and minus 10 years of backtracking as a result of a
war waged on the new nation.

On this 18 years anniversary of the Eritrean nation, let us be positive and
think about the past and continue to build for the future. Let us maintain
our vision of creating a cohesive and united people by respecting the very
important factor that binds us together. Here below I leave you all with a
poem that I have written on this occasion of the 18 years anniversary of

"18 years and growing"

I am one of the newest nations around,
I never panic about others, it's worthless
Because I truly believe in building up from the ground,
Hated by a few with an agenda, I been punched in the mouth,
And have had some inflammation and a minor infection,
However, I will never die, still standing strong, call me Eritrea the "Can
do nation"
I have got many friends but I never ignore my enemies,
They make me stronger, always very cautious,
Hating my enemies is wasted energy,
Bringing love and unity is my strongest ability,
I will give you love, if you love me back
Even respect will do as I am not asking for much
I did not come into this sometimes ugly world to hate,
Instead to build, unite defend and create,
18 years of independence seems very long,
But It is only a start just give me the wisdom to be very strong!

Happy 18th year Anniversary to all Eritreans!

Zelalemawi zikri swatna.

Mike Seium

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