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From: michael seium (michael.seium@gmail.com)
Date: Thu May 21 2009 - 17:26:14 EDT

Hello Dehaiers,

     Yohaness Weditikabo will be releasing his first album this weekend and
you should listen to some clips from some of his songs by going to his
website @
A great occasion for a great talent who stands fully committed to his
people. Here below is a testimonial from the website. I can't add words to
what has already been said and as a person who has known Yohanness and
witnessed many of his performances in Asmara's fine youth hangouts I want to
thank him first for his strong stance towards his country and people and
congratulate him on his new album. He is a classic example to the WARSAI
generation and I wish him all the best. Need I say more, here below is the
statement. Buy the CD and help out the Eritrean Youth in the process as
well. For more information Just click on,


Rimna productions is proud to announce that after years of eager
anticipation, the immensely popular Wedi Tikabo will finally release his
debut album! The release date will be the 23rd of May 2009, coinciding with
worldwide celebrations of Eritrea’s 18th Independence Day. Wedi Tikabo’s
debut album titled “Fewsi Lbi” (translation: medicine for the heart), will
undoubtedly sweeten this year's Independence Day celebrations and add to the
already numerous significant contributions Wedi Tikabo has made to Eritrean

Wedi Tikabo is highly revered by young and old, especially for his uplifting
patriotic songs. We have been waiting for his debut album ever since he
performed “Wires” at the Eritrean front in 1999. After that he gave us
another hit single N’menom Tefkeri (Hagerey) in 2000. In the last 10 years
Wedi Tikabo has given the people hit after hit, namely: Abmntayu haylu,
Merhawi, Zemen, Lwamey, Demetey (Gual Hagerey), She’u iyu wegiHu, Men alo,
Kebebuwa and much more. And who can forget the day he took us by storm with
the powerfully crafted and deep Yigermena’lo song that he sang during the
2007 Eritrean Independence Day celebration in Asmara.

His upcoming album “Fewsi Lbi” contains 11 new and unreleased tracks with a
variety of sounds that cater to people from all walks of life. "Fewsi Lbi"
speaks volumes to both young and old, male and female and is jam-packed with
tunes that exhibit cultural, patriotic and romantic undertones that take
modern Eritrean music to higher heights! Rest assured, “Fewsi Lbi” album is
worthy of its title and will remain a remarkable addition to your music
collection. This album will be well received by all and the songs will
bring as much joy if not more than all his previous hit singles.

Make sure to go out and buy Wedi Tikabo's "Fewsi Lbi" album! We hope that
you enjoy this Rimna Productions product and the many more to come! As it
is the first one we are releasing, we promise our customers that our future
products will be displayed by the same level of high-quality Eritrean music
and films.

Rimna Productions wishes you a Happy Independence Day!!

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