[DEHAI] "A United And Strong Ethiopia is a Strength", President Isaias Underscores

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Date: Thu May 21 2009 - 22:45:36 EDT

A United And Strong Ethiopia is a Strength,
President Isaias Underscores

Posted on Monday, May 18 @ 14:42:18 CDT

By shabaita.com
Asmara — President Isaias Afwerki underlined that a united, inclusive and
integrated Ethiopia is equally strength to Eritrea, and that this is not
only a conviction but also one of the strategic pillars of the Eritrean
The President made the salient remarks in an interview he conducted with
the Ethiopian Review website. In the extensive and detailed reply he gave to
 questions gathered from Ethiopians inside the country and abroad, as well
as other nationals in different parts of the world who visit the website,
he indicated that Ethiopia's unity has always been in Eritrea's interest
and never a threat. Noting that praying for the disintegration of other
countries is a characteristic feature of the thinking of weak parties, the
President stated that such a pattern of thinking is alien to Eritrea.
President Isaias further pointed out that so-called talks alleging that
the 'Eritrean government does not want to see a united and strong Ethiopia'
is but a propaganda gimmick employed by the TPLF clique in a bid to prolong
its stay in power and divert the attention of the Ethiopian people. "Had
the Eritrean government's strategy been against Ethiopia's unity, it would
undoubtedly have supported the TPLF which in essence is pursuing the task of
disintegration," he underlined. In this connection, the President
elaborated that the weakening of Ethiopia runs counter to Eritrea's interest and
Replying to a question regarding the issue of Eritrean ports vis-à-vis
service-rendering on the part of Ethiopians, he stated that following
Eritrea's independence, the nation's ports served Ethiopia more than Eritrea, and
that this was for the sake of the Ethiopian people and ties between the
people of the two countries, and not for the TPLF. President Isaias further
asserted that even now, as far as Eritrea is concerned "the sky is the limit"
as regards fostering relations of cooperation and partnership on the basis
of respect to sovereignty provided Eritrean-Ethiopian relations is
In a brief reply he gave to a question about allegations that 'President
Isaias and Premier Meles Zenawi hold secret contacts to prolong their stay
in power through extending the prevailing no-peace no-war situation between
Eritrea and Ethiopia,' the President declared: "This is just a fantasy
entertained by bankrupt elements."
Stating that the sole stumbling block between the people of Eritrea and
Ethiopia is indeed the dwarf TPLF clique trying to appear big as a result of
inferiority complex, President Isaias explained that the people of Eritrea
and Ethiopia should be free from falling victim to the attitude of narrow
mindedness and suspicion which the TPLF had instigated, and thus avoid
becoming hostage of history. Moreover, he called on both peoples to aspire for
a bright future and work together towards co-existing as blessed neighbors.
Indicating that the fostering of friendship and partnership between the
Eritrean and Ethiopian people is a nightmare to the TPLF, the President noted
that although the TPLF clique is weaving conspiracy to sabotage the forums
 being witnessed in some countries aimed at strengthening partnership and
friendship between both peoples, the initiative should nonetheless be
encouraged as it creates conducive ground for broader partnership.
President Isaias went on to assert that the Government of Eritrea has been
advising the TPLF regime right from the very beginning to work for a
united and new Ethiopia, and that Eritrea's strategic choice remains fostering
close ties and cooperation of partnership with all Ethiopian political
forces. In this regard, he pointed out that Eritrea is not willing to work with
forces that always aspire for narrow nationalism. "National movement
should only serve as a transitional program," he elaborated.
Stressing that linking the TPLF with the people of Tigray is quite wrong;
the President explained that this clique has exposed the Tigrayans to
isolation and to be viewed with suspicion and hatred on the part of other
sections of the Ethiopian population. He also said that such a state of affairs
has in due course given rise to opposition among the Tigrayan people, thus
eventually leading to strong armed struggle. In this respect, President
Isaias elaborated that the people of Tigray themselves have become sick and
tired of the clique that certainly does not stand for the interest of
Ethiopia and its people.
Moreover, the President pointed out that the genocide which the TPLF
regime is committing in the Ogaden is part and parcel of its policy of ethnic
cleansing, and that such atrocities which were not witnessed even in the
days of the Haileselassie and Derg rule constitute not only a black spot in
Ethiopian history but is also a major political loss to the country.

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