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From: Savi Alazar (SaviAlazar@gmail.com)
Date: Sun May 24 2009 - 23:17:27 EDT

Biniam please read through the lines and give us some historical and current facts about the subject matter. You failed to mention that Christ was handed over to the Romans by the Jewish. Most educated people understand how the words Jewish, Israeli, and Zionist played in politics.


Please you have no clue about History or analyzing facts before you respond. You are lucky enough that the British or (UN) did not award them a land inside Eritrea because Eritrea was among the list of countries to settle the Jewish. If you do not know you can ask but do not jump into attacking me instead of brining facts to my argument. Have the Jewish awarded to live in Eritrea after the Second World War you would not call yourself Eritrean today. The Jewish state plays always backstabbing Eritrea; I am not sure if you remember what happen in Massawa they gave the Derg chemical weapon and spread it on our people. Now with Ethiopia-Eritrea border they played pivotal role as "invisible advisors". Just simple facts what happened in your backyard and ignoring those facts about Israel will gain you only disrespect from their part.


What are you afraid of facing the facts about Israel? It does not spare you from being labeled anti-Semitic? All Jewish hate originated because of their control of economy the country they live in. Whether you like it or not that is how the trouble in Germany, Middle-East and now in America popped up. It takes time for the ordinary people to realize but when it did it get escalated into war like we see it now. With the entire economy crisis in America the Jewish state still cashes trillion of dollars from the American tax payer money, no mercy and the reason why things resume into wars against them. The Jewish state defends itself as anti-Semitism to get public pity and spare from attacks. What ever happened with Hitler, the post Second World War Germany paid their dues toward Israel, but Israel still attacks Germany through the media and never acknowledges that the Germans helped them build their industrialized country. What the Jewish state is doing to Palestinians is worse than what happened in Germany. At the rate things are escalating with Israel attitude and arrogance it will lead the world to another disaster.


For you information the American people supports the CIA, and they believe what the CIA do and publish. Eritrea was labeled as terrorist by the CIA and Americans who read that think you are a terrorist too. When you walk around the street you represent your country not yourself. The same for the Jewish, they are associated with Israel if they support Israel.


At one point or the other everybody co-exist in harmony we are talking in context of subject matter now for things that are affecting the world in regard to Israel.


Please do not make yourself a fool trying to distinguish between the Jewish and Zionist? Most Jewish supported the Zionist movement for the creation of Israel, and it is understood the argument goes by what the majority acted upon; we are not referring here exception to the rule.




On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 6:32 AM, Biniam Haile (SWE) <eritrea.lave@comhem.se> wrote:

  Savi Alazar!

  Quite frankly, I think your generalisation of the Jews is puzzling and quite disturbing to say the least. In fact, I think you sound like a Jew hating Nazi who ignores any semblance of facts and history to justify her paranoia and prejudice.
  That said, I think it's worth bearing in mind that Jesus was a Jew and he was killed by the Romans (Christian crusaders) for inciting rebellion against the Rome empire.

  Further, the Jews didn't bring "trouble" to Germany or to the Middle East or anywhere else. In fact, the truth is the opposite of what you think. Hitler choose the Jewish race as scapegoat for Germany's problems and tried to exterminate them. And the Jewish people had co-existed with Arabs, Africans and Asians for centuries in an atmosphere of mutual respect - well, at least until the Zionists decided to create "Israel" a hundred years ago.

  It is true that the Israeli Mossad and the CIA were behind the 9/11 terror attacks, however I think it's ridiculous to put the blame on the Jews. To blame the Jews for 9/11 attacks is basically like blaming the American people for the countless atrocities committed by the CIA over the past 50 years .

  Further, the Zionists are ruining US economy by leading the country into unnecessary and costly wars, not the Jews. It must be made clear that not all Jews are Zionists and vice versa, and US Vice President Joe Biden is a case in point. Biden proudly calls himself a Zionist. He said, "You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist, and I'm a Zionist".

  Let's face it, it is the Zionists and their servants in Washington and elsewhere who pose a mortal threat to the World, not the Jews. Please stop stereotyping and generalizing!

  I wish you all Eritreans, wherever you are, a very happy Independence Day.

  Biniam Haile

  From: Savi Alazar (SaviAlazar@gmail.com)
  Date: Fri May 22 2009 - 10:35:28 EDT

Haileab, I agree with your article.

Israel backed Jewish are very scared because of their endless sin. Well, they backstabbed Jesus Christ who Christians believe as a savior. Christ characterizes them as greedy, hypocrite and traitors, and they have been cursed since then (Koblelelti). The Israel will live in perpetual God's curse unless they stop being evil. They are cursed people who bring only trouble where ever they live. They brought trouble to Germany, to the Middle East, and to America. They ruin Germany's economy causing the 1st and 2nd world war. Now they ruin America's economy by leading the country into wars. They hijacked America's politicians by inventing 9/11 and lead America from war to war. They convinced the American public that the Muslims are the enemy, they are Al-Quaida, continue war against Muslims. All wars that America put through are by the Israel -Jewish. Every decade America has some enemy to go to war to; there are people who get paid by tax payers' money walk to their office and plan how to create war. Through America's shield they continue spreading their evil touch to poison the entire world. The corrupted political leaders of America put more their people in danger every single day for the satisfaction of hand full evil Jewish obsessed with greed and composed with personal inadequacies that never get satisfied regardless wealth and education acquired.


The 1st and 2nd world war caused by the Jewish and now if there will be a 3rd world war will be caused also by the Jewish. I am not sure what their mothers feed them when they are babies. Just let us make sure not to buy that food for our children.


If Israel Jewish is real men they need to go to Teheran not to Washington and roaring like old mufflers. The bottom line the Israli Jewish are victimis of their own immorality.


Selam Seb Dehai:

Our national struggle is about to enter a new phase, third, so to speak. While May 24 1991 marked our first independence, the signing of the Algiers Agreement can be considered as the beginning of the second phase. It is at this stage that the extent of the hostilities and conspiracies to undermine the gains of our struggle became more evident.

As Eritrea enters into the new phase, our resilience,achievements and hope has left our enemies and detractors stunned and desperate. Their desperation is quite evident that they have started to come to the fore trying to intimidate and smear Eritrea not through proxy but by themselves.
The attached piece outlines the plot of the smear campaign against Eritrea since the end of last year.


Awet nHafash!

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