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From: Biniam Haile \(SWE\) (
Date: Mon May 25 2009 - 20:11:06 EDT

Savi Alazar!
I'm not bashing you. I'm just telling you to stop generalizing and
stereotyping the Jews.
Yes, you're right, Judas, the man who betrayed Jesus was a Jew (as were
Jesus and other disciples, but this is easily overlookd in your twisted
world) and he was a thief, a traitor and Christ killer, just like all
Jews have been throughout time, thanks to people like you. What about
treating Judas as a misguided individual without signling him out for
his religion or race? Oh, no, Judas was evil because he was a Jew, so
the Jews are all evil. This logic is appalling.
I am not a expert on the history of the Jewish people, but I do know the
Jews have co-existed with other peoples for centuries in an atmosphere
of mutual respect and no Jew ever sought to establish an independent
Jewish state anywhere. I also know that the zionists forced the Jewish
statehood down the throats of the Jews. Whether we like it or not, the
Jews did not put Israel on the map. The zionists with the backing of the
USA, Britain and UN put Israel on the map. Therefore, I think the
zionist and their backers should be blamed for the formation of Israel,
not the Jewish people.
The fact of the matter is that there are many Jews in many countries
around the world, including in Israel, that actually think that zionism
is the greatest threat to the survival of the Judaism religion. Almost
entirely ignored in corporate media are those Jews who against Zionism
and Israel. For example, a few years ago, estimated 20,000 Orthodox Jews
demonstrated in front of the Israeli consulate in New York to voice
their opposition to the existence of the state of Israel The US press
and media completely ignored this demonstration, for obvious reasons.
Moreover, anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews demonstrate outside the annual
conference of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) to
protest against Zionism, Israel.
Even these Jews are completely ignored by the US media.
The American people don't know the whole truth about the CIA because
they have been brainwashed and controlled by the corporate media for
decades. No one can deny the fact that the CIA is the world's most
ruthless terrorist organization waging war against anyone who refuse to
succumb to bullying tactics employed by the USA. The CIA easily has
killed, directly or indirectly, 20 million people over the past 50
years. If Americans knew this fact, I'm sure their opinions would likely
For the sake of conversation, let's say that Eritrea was among the list
of countries to settle the Jewish. I'm not an historian but I do know
that when world war 2 ended, the western allies and USSR emerged
victorious and they developed a plan to settle Jews in Palestine or
elsewhere. Now do you really think the Jews should be blamed for what
the rulers of the world did? Of course not. I again ask you to stop
stereotyping and generalizing and learn the difference between Judaism
and Zionism.

Biniam Haile


From: Savi Alazar (">
Date: Sun May 24 2009 - 23:17:27 EDT

Biniam please read through the lines and give us some historical and
current facts about the subject matter. You failed to mention that
Christ was handed over to the Romans by the Jewish. Most educated people
understand how the words Jewish, Israeli, and Zionist played in

Please you have no clue about History or analyzing facts before you
respond. You are lucky enough that the British or (UN) did not award
them a land inside Eritrea because Eritrea was among the list of
countries to settle the Jewish. If you do not know you can ask but do
not jump into attacking me instead of brining facts to my argument. Have
the Jewish awarded to live in Eritrea after the Second World War you
would not call yourself Eritrean today. The Jewish state plays always
backstabbing Eritrea; I am not sure if you remember what happen in
Massawa they gave the Derg chemical weapon and spread it on our people.
Now with Ethiopia-Eritrea border they played pivotal role as "invisible
advisors". Just simple facts what happened in your backyard and ignoring
those facts about Israel will gain you only disrespect from their part.

What are you afraid of facing the facts about Israel? It does not spare
you from being labeled anti-Semitic? All Jewish hate originated because
of their control of economy the country they live in. Whether you like
it or not that is how the trouble in Germany, Middle-East and now in
America popped up. It takes time for the ordinary people to realize but
when it did it get escalated into war like we see it now. With the
entire economy crisis in America the Jewish state still cashes trillion
of dollars from the American tax payer money, no mercy and the reason
why things resume into wars against them. The Jewish state defends
itself as anti-Semitism to get public pity and spare from attacks. What
ever happened with Hitler, the post Second World War Germany paid their
dues toward Israel, but Israel still attacks Germany through the media
and never acknowledges that the Germans helped them build their
industrialized country. What the Jewish state is doing to Palestinians
is worse than what happened in Germany. At the rate things are
escalating with Israel attitude and arrogance it will lead the world to
another disaster.

For you information the American people supports the CIA, and they
believe what the CIA do and publish. Eritrea was labeled as terrorist by
the CIA and Americans who read that think you are a terrorist too. When
you walk around the street you represent your country not yourself. The
same for the Jewish, they are associated with Israel if they support

At one point or the other everybody co-exist in harmony we are talking
in context of subject matter now for things that are affecting the world
in regard to Israel.

Please do not make yourself a fool trying to distinguish between the
Jewish and Zionist? Most Jewish supported the Zionist movement for the
creation of Israel, and it is understood the argument goes by what the
majority acted upon; we are not referring here exception to the rule.


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