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From: Savi Alazar (
Date: Tue May 26 2009 - 23:40:15 EDT

Proof me what ever I said is wrong? If you do that U R D MAN!

Dear Savi Alazar,
I would like to let you know that many of your statements about Jews were either untrue or judgemental with mixed-up logic. In the very first sentence, you said that Jews "are very scared because of their endless sin." You seem to support your assertion by adding that "they backstabbed Jesus Christ...[and] Christ characterizes them as greedy, hypocrite and traitors, and they have been cursed since then...[and they would remain so] unless they stop being evil. They are cursed people who bring only trouble where ever they live." And you accuse Jews for "inventing 9/11".
This far in your comments you seem to be talking about ALL Jews. You seem to be claiming that they have ALL commited ALWAYS "endless sin", and ALL are ALWAYS "greedy, hypocrite and traitors, and...cursed," among other things. Your logic would be proven wrong if we find even one single Jew who behaves different from what you have characterized ALL Jews to be. If you admit Jesus was a Jew and he behaved as described in the Bible, then you have to admit that your conclusions are wrong. But in every community, including ours, there are people who are good and some who are not so good. If in our languages (Jewish or Eritrean) we have the concepts of evil, greedy, traitor, hypocrite, or cursed, that indicates that we could all have people with behaviors described by those words. In that sense we are all the same, more or less.
To your credit, you mentioned something about a "hand full evil Jewish." I understood it to mean 'a handful evil Jews.' If what you described above was directed against a few Jews, then you should have particularly said so.Otherwise, your opinion is confused. Confused because you seem to claim that ALL Jews are evil, etc. because they were cursed 2000+ years ago, and they will remain so "unless they stop being evil." Either they cannot do any good because they were cursed once, or they can override the curse if they stop being evil. Which one is your conclusion. You are also confused because you are presenting today's Jews as if they were present 2000+ years ago and still are alive and well, or the present-day Jews do behave exactly the same as the ancient ones. Your third confusion is that you do not articulate if you are discussing about a handful or ALL Jews. Please explain to us if you intended to say some specific things about some Jews who at certain times did certain things, or not.
Beyond that, I would ask you to present your evidence and proove your statements are true. For instance, what evidence do you have to claim that even a few Jews or the State of Israel "hijacked America's politicians by inventing 9/11". Moreover, if some Jews have convinced the American public that al-Qaeda is the enemy, why do you have to blame those few Jews? "They have convinced the American public" and not forced them. Imagine if a few Eritreans were as 50% influential as you present them to be.
I assume that you are concerned about what harm or challenges Israel or some Jews colud cause to Eritrea. I am concerned too. I understand that Eritreans have long faced the integrated strategies of three powerful nations: America's global strategy of protecting its national interests, Israel's strategy of winning its conflict with the Arabs/Muslims and securing its existence, and Ethiopia's strategy to secure access to the sea. All seemed friendly to Eritrea between 1991 and 1998.The three nations may not be necessarily against independent Eritrea as such, but they may sometimes find something from what Eritrea(ns) do or say that they do not like. Since Eritrea is not under their control, they cannot directly shape Eritrea's policies or actions. If not directly, they would still try to have it their ways indirectly. To do so they would likely try to put a lot of pressure on Eritrea to compell or convince it change its courses of action. We have seen a lot of such pressures in the last dozen years. Criticisms on Eritrea have become so acute since Ethiopia intervened in Somalia and Eritrea advocated for 'one Somalia reconstructed by the negotiations of all Somalis, including the so-called extremist Islamists.' I think that, may be, Eritrea should devise a strategy that comprises policies that could ease the anxiety of the three nations and try to accommodate their primary concerns. Ethiopia may want to secure acssess to the sea through Somalia, for instance. Eritrea is against al-Qaeda-type terrorists, so are America, Israel and Ethiopia. Eritrea may be able to convince some Somali insurgents (instead of being condemned as terrorists and aggressors) to accept colonial bordres between Somalia and Ethiopia, or find and bring the three suspected individuals that attacked U.S. and Israeli interests in Nairobi and Dar es Salam and face justice in Kenya and Tanzania, or the insurgents declare that they believe in multi-party parliamentary political system and let the people of Somalia decide who they want to bring into power. Think of some better ways of easing the conflicts, or fight for your existence and come out a winner.
Even if that was your concern, your comments are neither appropriate nor helpful. Views based on unsubstantiated assertions and/or bigotry add weaknesses and not strengths to the right causes of Eritrea. I would like you to review your statements and correct them. I do not intend to offend you, but only to make you better. Please do not respond instanteneously. Think about it for a couple days, or talk to other people(Eritreans or non-Eritreans), before you respond. Thank you for reading and considering my views.

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