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Date: Wed May 27 2009 - 07:44:57 EDT

Selam Seb Dehai:

Firstly, thanks for your input which I think here in Dehai has helped highlight certain issues at this important juncture while we are celebrating our independence anniversary—glory to our Martyrs--. As our hopes and successes grow that of our enemies are edging into a point of desperation.

If we go back to the early days of our liberation struggle, especially in the early seventies, the political platforms laid in plain language the friends and the enemies of the Eritrean peoples’ aspirations. That clarity though in some respects a bit restrictive had the overall advantage of avoiding confusion especially that which emanates from groups and entities which are apt to deceit and manipulation.

When people in struggle are given adequate information, not only about their immediate enemies but also about those who stir conflicts from the backstage, it is rather easier to rally full support and tap into their (people) oceanic resources. That is how the Eritrean revolution was  conducted, though to a lesser extent, especially after the mercenary Woyane army was sent to reverse the gains of our revolution. 

When we say people in struggle have to be given adequate information, that duty does not rest only on its leadership, but also from the more informed citizens who can communicate effectively and at times also daringly. For its own tactical or strategic reasons the GoE has been following a very tactful approach in handling all the hostilities that have been coming from all directions. We all remember that it has not been a long time since the often used operative term “so-called international community” got more specific in the official GoE statements. I believe it is the role of private citizens and organized patriotic networks to communicate and inform the public in elaborating or explaining what the government would otherwise be reserved from doing so for its own valid reasons.

Here in Dehai for example, there were instances when some knowledgeable but also gutsy activists came forward with detailed information about the workings of the CIA/US-AID while the rest of us were merely discussing about the Woyanes and the fairness of the “international community.”  Instead of encouraging those daring individuals, all sorts of criticisms came about even from unexpected individuals who were supposed to know and lead the uninformed. Some also joined in the debate on the ground that the views of the “daring” activists were politically incorrect or “undiplomatic” whatever that means. 

I don’t want to draw similar conclusions to the present thread in that it is conducted among activists who have similar and openly expressed stand on the GoE. Nor is it motivated to silence a fellow activist. It all emanates from a strong will to defend Eritrea. And in the process, the degree of sensibility and approaches varies. That is also true outside Dehai; and we have to use the various approaches and sensibilities to our advantage. Who ever has the knowledge can work side by side with the other who has also the guts; and togather can devise the right and effective strategy in the defense of our national interests.

I don’t think I am adding or subtracting to the thread by stating that, as a matter of principle, people are not wrong but they can be misguided. However, is that principle adhered by all? If not, what are the appropriate approaches that we have to take to defend from those who do not believe in the unity of humanity? And it is rather meaningless or useless to state the obvious about people’s rights to entities who do not respect those same rights of others. So our concerns are substantially targeted to those specific entities, at whatever stage of their "metamorphosis" they might happen to be.

It becomes rather technical to label those entities as this or that organization, but what is important is to have a heightened awareness about their objectives and operations,get to be organized and also to encourage and “guide” those who have the will and the guts to challenge them; but as our revolution has demonstrated always with mutual support, tact and intelligence.

Awet nHafash!
Haileab, Toronto.

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