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From: Biet (biet@getmail.no)
Date: Wed Jun 03 2009 - 21:26:11 EDT

Berhan Sium and Sammy G!


<-Sammy G. wrote>

<if MoFA were to respond to every daily CIA & Woyane-financed>

< false propaganda on Eritrea,>

< it'd not have enough employees or time to get around to it.>

This is not ” daily CIA & Woyane-financed…”, but the CORE of Eritrea’s
problems. For example think of…

Jendayi E. frazier’s, countries sponsoring terrorism list, SC resolutions
condeming Eritrea,

Djibudti, IGAD,AU, Eritrea "supports the Al-Shabab Islamic Movement Group",

It is all based on it and MoFA is trying to defend Eritrea and,as they put
it, to expose the liars and propagators.



So, it is wise to do your home work first, before making a disparaging
remarks on our government.


On this subject(The "Sakharov" Fiction) you both remineded me of a tigrigna

Which goes like this:

nlebam amitelu kindeyenay keysiHto, niaesh deguHalu kindeyenat keyrido



Anyway, read excerpts on the subject - The "Sakharov" Fiction


Since I have been collecting information on Somalia for over a year, it was
not hard to find the 18 February 2007 Sunday Times report
by Jon Swain and Brian Johnson-Thomas who were reporting from Johannesburg,
South Africa. They reported a very interesting but at the time a very
puzzling story about a man, Evgueny Zakharov, the owner of Aerolift who
claimed he was transporting Eritreans to Somalia. It didn’t make sense then,
but it does now. Here is an excerpt from that news report:

Zakharov said his involvement began after he was approached by a General
Tambi of the Eritrean People’s Defence Forces… Tambi offered to buy
Zakharov’s Ilyushin 76 transport aircraft carrying the Kazakhstan
registration number UN 76496 for $1.5m (£770,000), even though the normal
price for an aircraft of that vintage and condition is just $1m…Zakharov
went ahead despite the unusual contract conditions that stipulated secrecy.
He insisted the contract should specify that the new owners were not to use
the aircraft to make arms flights…However, he said last week that the
Ilyushin made three sanctions-busting arms flights to Somalia from the
Eritrean port of Massawa, bringing out the masked men on the return
legs…When Zakharov discovered the Eritreans’ real use of the plane was for
arms shipments and for flying the masked men from Somalia, he cancelled the
contract…Contacted last week, Tambi denied all knowledge of the deal.
However, The Sunday Times has a copy of the contract signed in Moscow and
Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, between Aerolift and Eriko Enterprise of
Asmara on July 21…”

At the time, Eritrean American’s such as myself were puzzled; the name
‘Tambi’ did not sound Eritrean. It was not much later that we discovered the
name belonged to John E.Tambi of Sierra Leone, one of the experts hired by
Kofi Annan to monitor the embargo on Somalia

But why did he present himself as an Eritrean? Was he trying to implicate
Eritrea? Why is the UN not questioning Tambi’s involvement in this sordid

The report includes a copy of a bill of sale for the Ilyushin-76 UN-76496,
once of Viktor Bout's GST Aero Air Company, which according to the Group was
sold to Eritrea by the same Evgeny Zakharov of Aerolift Ltd, a Virgin
Islands company. Obviously this man is not a credible source and inclusion
of the bill of sale by the group in their second report as proof of Eritrean
culpability is not only suspect but also raises even more disturbing
questions about the Group, the credibility and integrity of their report and
not to mention the efficacy of the UN which is seems to be catering to State
Department officials once again, to effectuate US policy.


Read the whole article at:


Somalia: Monitoring Group's Credibility and Integrity Questioned

By Sophia Tesfamariam

September 10, 2007


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