[DEHAI] Foreign Policy Diagram for Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, Hizbul Islam, and Shabaab

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From: Awet (awet1998@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Jun 12 2009 - 10:50:59 EDT

Source: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/somalia-foreign-policy-diagram-for-sheikh-hassan-dahir-aweys-hizbul-islam-and-shabaab.html
Somalia: Foreign Policy Diagram for Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, Hizbul Islam, and Shabaab

 While Hizb ul Islam and Al Shabaab are engaged in the liberation struggle against the TFG puppets of the UN – US – UK – French interference, the illegitimate TFG president and government are being helped to survive by the AMISOM forces that are greatly reviled by all the Somalis as barbaric, racist and viciously Anti-Islamic and Anti-Somali. At the same time, the unrepresentative TFG administration attempts to pursue a sort of foreign policy which is geared exclusively for internal use.

All the contacts of the TFG administration with various governments, organizations, international bodies and other institutions are totally illegal. The TFG government does not represent Somalia; it has been appointed by the UN maneuvering, as a means to provide the colonial powers with a new breed of puppets that will help execute the already known and denounced plans of Somalia’s destruction.

But the contacts of the TFG administration with various governments, organizations, international bodies and other institutions are also highly immoral: they are undertaken in order to provide an unrepresentative government of national shame and humiliation with the tools that will enable it to prolong its illegal existence.

This illegal, immoral and Anti-Somali "foreign" policy of the TFG Mafia must be opposed, dismantled and brought to comprehensive disaster.

The three sheikhs who undertake the great effort of re-liberation of Somalia, Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, Sheikh Hassan Turki, and Sheikh Mukhtar Robow, must act fast and drastically oppose the TFG endeavours at the level of foreign policy.

To do so, they must act already from this moment. While pursuing the fight in the battlefield against the AMISOM soldiers and the Anti-Somali ghost government of the gullible, inexperienced and nightmarish Sheikh Sharif, the liberation armies Hizbul Islam and Al Shabaab must undertake a great diplomatic effort to reach out to governments, political parties, liberation fronts, organizations and associations who would support their effort to offer Somalia national dignity, liberation, cultural integrity, a representative government of national reunification and pacification, and a respectful position within the international community.

Somalia’s re-liberation is not only a matter of battles against the foreign AMISOM occupation; it is also – and eventually preponderantly – a matter of international relations. Focused on the local effort and the military engagement, Somalia’s three patriotic sheikhs and political leaders must assess correctly the international situation.

It would be a mistake (for them and for anybody) to assume that Somalia’s liberating forces Hizbul Islam and Al Shabaab have only enemies in this world, and that they are only the object of defamation and public offense, involving terms like Islamic terrorism, extremism, radicals, and the like. Certainly, there is an orchestrated effort of denigration carried out by controlled mass media of the pseudo-democratic West, particularly those of the evil colonial countries England and France, as well as those of America, but this situation does not reflect but one dimension of the international situation. It is true that the Freemasonic mass media of the colonial countries of Western Europe and America have a wide impact at the global level, but this reality must be perceived within its real context.

Who must be the targets of the foreign policy of Somalia’s liberating forces Hizbul Islam and Al Shabaab?

I intend to expand on this issue, but I can beforehand give a brief recapitulative response before focusing on particular entities. The possible allies of Somalia’s liberating forces are all those who can understand the UN – US – UK – French interference in the theatrical appointment of the representative, when promising, but unrepresentative, when ruling, Sheikh Sharif as an unjust, immoral, iniquitous and inhumane involvement in Somalia’s affairs. In this regard, one can say that there are truly many people allover the world who revile the vicious methods and calamitous acts of the Western elites.

In fact, all those, who reject the current dictatorial regime that through chains of proxies has been imposed on the outright majority of the world’s population by a minimal, corrupt, vicious and evil elite, are potential friends and allies of Somalia’s liberating forces.

It would be a catastrophic error to assume that only Muslims (let alone militant Islamism) are the potential allies and supporters, friends and sympathizers of Somalia’s liberating forces. All that matters at this moment for Hizbul Islam and Al Shabaab is to widen their basis of international champions, backers, advocates, and defenders. It would be very wrong to imagine that there are no Christians or Buddhists, Chinese or Latin Americans to support the righteous Cause of Somalia as it is being defended by both, Hizbul Islam and Al Shabaab.

The three Somali liberators, Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, Sheikh Hassan Turki, and Sheikh Mukhtar Robow, must bear in mind that many people of practically speaking any ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious background have fallen victims of the evil tyranny that through London, Paris and Washington controls almost the entire world, shamelessly portraying the West as civilized and democratic. There are hundred of millions of victims who understand the iniquity of the Anti-Somali purpose of the secretive world rulers, because they had been targeted earlier, and they experienced the same iniquity in their own country, in their own continent.

There are many millions of Americans who believe that America, by being engulfed in the colonial policies of England and France, has sinned terribly and that precisely because of Washington’s sinful policies, the US will soon face a detrimental punishment that will turn to dust the largest part of the ailing superpower. All these people are potential allies who can understand the righteous purpose of the three sheikhs to rid their country from the inimical presence of the AMISOM gangsters.

One must not make a confusion; understanding the righteous purpose of the Somali liberators does not mean acceptance of sociopolitical choices that involve Sharia Law imposition in Somalia. But if this is submitted to free vote in a liberated Somalia, the world will be convinced that, although objectionable to many Christians, Buddhists and others, the Sharia Law reflects the wish of the Somali Nation.

Who are the potentials supporters of Somalia’s liberating forces Hizbul Islam and Al Shabaab?

Eritrea – This is nothing new, and Asmara has repeatedly proven its commitment to the Cause of Somalia. If I mention Eritrea first, it’s because I want to underscore the fact that a supporter and advocate does not necessarily have to be a superpower; a small country can still offer an effective support to Somalia’s liberating forces. We have to always bear in mind this point.

Venezuela – President Hugo Chavez is a righteous Christian who promotes participatory democracy, and repeatedly voiced strong criticism of the US foreign policy. Not only President Chavez can understand the Anti-Somali conspiracy of the colonial West and the evil plans to turn Somalia to a huge military camp – base of nuclear missiles, but he can also act unilaterally and, surprising the world with a strong diplomatic gesture, recognize a merged Hizbul Islam and Al Shabaab provisory government as Somalia’s only representative authority. This act would have cataclysmic effect. Furthermore, Venezuela represents an ideal opportunity for military procurement. To a free, independent and reunified Somalia, Venezuela will be a valuable partner in Oil exploration.

Bolivia - The South American landlocked country is as small as Somalia. Similarly to Somalia, Bolivia has a great historical past and was a highland of civilization at the times of the Incas empire. Home to today’s Quechua and Aymara who constituted the backbone of the Andean empires, Bolivia under President Evo Morales became the world champion for cultural authenticity, national identity, and historical integrity; the imposition of the socioeconomic, political, cultural and educational rights of the indigenous nations has become the cornerstone of President Morales’ governmental policy as it reflects the conscientious choice and the wakeful political volition of the outright majority of the Bolivians.

Bolivia can help Somalia manifold; from consolidating the effort of national independence to reasserting the traditional national values and culture, the cooperation of the two nations can encompass all sectors from Defense to Education. Bolivia can help Somalia tremendously in diffusing the concept of indigenous nations’ rights among the subjugated and tyrannized nations of Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia), namely the Oromos, the Afars, the Sidamas, the Shekachos, the Kaffas, the Kambaatas, the Hadiyas, the Gedeos, the Wolayitas, the Anuak, the Nuer, the Shinasha, the Gumuz and the Bertas, who have all been targeted with spiritual, cultural and physical extinction in the Center of Genocides "Ethiopia".

The Italian Government of Silvio Berlusconi – It goes without saying that Italy as country has a tremendous knowledge and experience in Somalia. More recently, Silvio Berlusconi’s government took positions against a military intervention that would supposedly help eliminate the Somali pirates; this must be correctly assessed and thoroughly appreciated by Somalia’s liberating forces. The anti-colonial standards of Italy’s foreign policy must also be taken into account; either in the case of the restoration of an Axum hawalti (pillar) taken to Rome by Mussolini’s soldiers or in the affair of compensation paid to Libya for the colonization years, Italy managed to markedly differentiate its stance from that of France and England, the evil, Anti-African and Anti-Somali, colonial powers.

Furthermore, Silvio Berlusconi, personally, can be for Somalia’s Islamists a gate to the world of the Salesians and the Jesuits who revile the Freemasonic impact on our modern societies because it brought forth corruption, immorality, personal disintegration and utmost dehumanization of the Mankind.

Vatican – It is essential for Somalia’s liberating forces and the three sheikhs to be in speaking terms with selected persons and circles of the Catholic Church. Despite several forms of Anti-Somali offense that can be noticed in the world mass media, the references made to anti-Christian attitudes of several Somali Islamists were the result of evil attitude of various Freemasonic circles of power who do not give a damn for Christianity, but simply tried to exploit the event to their profit. Although Somalia is a 100% Muslim country, contacts with selected representatives of Vatican will help the Somali leaders to diffuse among the Western nations their Cause, and make their rightful struggle for moral standards in Somalia well known and plainly understood to many in the West.

In this regard, contacts must be resumed with all the Catholic circles who reject the Freemasonic infiltration in Vatican and all those who oppose the Vatican II council, and the Freemasonic ideals and teachings that it fallaciously evangelized, spreading among Christian Catholics confusion, corruption, immorality.

A strong ally of the Somali Islamists, who search for Somali authenticity, national independence, cultural integrity, and traditional social – behavioural values, would be the Sedevacantist groups who reject the heresy of Modernism and consider John XXIII as an Anti-Pope. All those who denounce post – Vatican II church as non Catholic anymore share with the Somali Islamists a great part of criticism of the modern technological world’s corrupt and immoral societies.

Identifying their effort to liberate Somalia as a moral endeavor, the three sheikhs will be able to find many natural allies in the Christian world who definitely denounce the prevailing relativism, materialism and consumerism of the liberal global economy.

Poland – The great opponent of Russian expansionism and rival of the Franco-German axis in the European Union can find many good reasons to support the Somali opposition. Poland is predestined to play a very important role in the relationship between European Union and Russia.

Ukraine – Relations with the anti-Russian part of the Kiev establishment help setup a political game between Ukraine and Russia.

Russia – Contacts with the Russian nationalists should be resumed on a common Anti-Western basis.

Turkey – Contacts with the Anti-NATO part of the Turkish military establishment must be resumed in order to create an effective counterbalance to Sheikh Sharif’s contacts with the pseudo-Islamist Turkish president and premier who are the puppets of the Freemasonic regimes of England and France.

Greece – Contacts should be resumed with the extreme right party and circles of the Orthodox Church that deplore the country’s cultural acculturation within the EU, and would view their help to the Somali Opposition as a way to counterbalance Turkey’s influence in the area. Equally, some circles of the Greek Left could show an interest to support the Somali Opposition.

Iran – Contacts with Iran are meant to offer to the Somali opposition the possibility of counterbalancing the opportunistic and treacherous contacts that Sheikh Sharif established with the shameful puppets of the Freemasonic regimes of the Western colonial countries, the Gulf regimes, Saudi Arabia, the Islamic Conference Organization, and the Arab League.

Azerbaijan – Baku is equally targeted by Russia. NATO, and the Freemasonic regimes of England, France and America. Contacts with the Somali opposition will enable Baku to internationalize the regional Caucasus crisis in the midst of which Azerbaijan is found deprived of a wide range of tools.

Indonesia – Contacts with several political and cultural groups should be resumed.

Uzbekistan – Contacts with several political and cultural groups should be resumed.

Bangladesh – Contacts with several political and cultural groups should be resumed.

Burma – Contacts with the ruling military junta must be resumed on the common basis of total rejection of Western interference in the internal affairs of countries around the Indian Ocean.

China - The greater effort should be deployed toward China; the rising superpower must realize that their Horn of Africa and Indian Ocean interests are identical with those of the Somali opposition. The Chinese must understand that they cannot afford to stay inactive in front of the colonial plans of England and France, and the overt involvement of the CIA. The Somali Islamists must present (position) themselves as the only credible solution that can bring peace and rehabilitation to Somalia, while establishing a close partnership with Beijing.

Various Muslim organizations in different countries and continents could eventually be of help; but if they become the Somali opposition’s main focus, they will first, strengthen its image as a hard line Islamist formation (which is to be rather avoided) and second, deprive them of the contacts with states and governments that can help far more effectively.

To better resume these contacts, the two main formations of the Somali opposition, Hizbul Islam and Al Shabaab, must form right now a government of National Unity of Somalia, claim that they only are the legitimate representatives of Somalia, reach out to Puntland’s and Somaliland’s political formations, and demand the immediate elimination of the illegitimate TFG administration.

Picture: Sheikh Hassan Dahir Awerys

By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
Published: 5/26/2009

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