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From: Savi Alazar (
Date: Fri Jun 19 2009 - 01:29:30 EDT


I totally agree with your point on Johnnie Carson.


With experience everything surfaced about US particularly how the "founding fathers" founded a garbage system; one of them is Johnnie Carson. The entire US system is immoral, evil and covered with Hollywood hall of shame that fools the world that America is the "best" place to be.


I think Carson is misled by the fact that the Ethiopian Review got an okay to interview the president and he thinks he will get the same opportunity. I am not sure how true it is about his visa denial but I hope it is true. He needs to stay where he belongs- in the "Maymuna Land" = The USA.


 I have lots of admiration for blacks who sacrificed their personal interest to free themselves from the white supremacist; unfortunately, those blacks still get ditched by their own brothers such as Johnnie Carson (the maymuna) and other many ignorant and greedy wealthy black people who never dare to give back to their torn community.


America will use sold blacks to ditch Africa (like the Africom), sold Muslims to ditch the rest of the Muslim world, etc. The US policy tries to make a cocktail out of its "diverse" population only to ditch their own native country.


I have confidence in our country leadership and people like you who stand up from the bottom of their heart to do the right thing: Deny entry visa for criminals like Johnnie Carson. Even if he pulls his statements out, who cares that garbage should not be allowed to Eritrea.


At this moment, in America name it everything is chaotic nothing is working and it is getting worse everyday, and the strategy is "if I go down you go down" nope America is already down and as I stated last year it is no longer a super power (it pretends to be). No money, no honey and no power. And picking on Eritrea has been always from total desperation and jealousy that we made it regardless their evil agenda. The US always comes up with emasculated and irritating stories toward Eritrea and its people, and the Eritrean leadership handles them with coolness, tact, and nails it down to the point; and that is what is eating them alive.


This week Obama was criticized by one of HBO TV show guy Bill Maher for spending too much time on TV like a movie star instead of spending his time at the office go after the corporations to track them down for the money they owe. Bill said that if Obama did not bring the change he promised in the midterm election the Republican will take over and he will have no chance of passing his agenda. Well, that has been already started; there is a rise in anti-Semitism due the fact that Obama has too many Jewish advisors and the conservative feel that he is not going to keep America's interest but Israel's. To be honest, the conservative they do not know either what they are talking about, America's interest and Israel interest has been the same since the invention of Israel.


The problem is that America the credit card country is delusional and continues to live in denial as super power, trying hard to prove as the world leader, by multiplying wars, and eventually all those wars that they throw on people will return onto them, not from outside but within Americans they will be divided and go into civil war as a curse from God in the name of all those innocent people who died and still dying due to America's atrocities and arrogance.



Assistant Secretary of State Johnnie Carson should not be issued an
entry visa to go to Asmara and hold talks with Eritrean authorities
until he retracts the statement he made while testifying before congress
three weeks ago.
By Sam Abrams []
Dear All,
This affirmative action appointee,Assistant Secretary of State Johnnie
Carson, has already proved he is a zombie. Yes all he wants is it to hop
on a plane, go to Asmara,deliver the message from his masters (State
Department cum CIA), get his per dime (thousands of dollars),take one
week vacation, eat, dink, enjoy life at U.S. tax payers expense and come
back home. That is all he did throughout his life as ambassador to many
African countries. And that is all he does when he goes to the CIA
infested Addis Ababa -- wine and dine with the African zombies at the
African Union and dictate to them the message he carries from his
masters at the State Department cum CIA. And he will carry back the
message of the African Zomies(i.e., message from this CIA installed
gov'ts) to his masters, such as the so called 'Resolutions of IGAD and
the African Peace and Security Council, which called upon the UN
Security Council to impose sanctions on Eritrea.)
We have all seen this before -- his predecessor Jendaye Frazier and her
boss Condi did the same thing - they carried water for their masters,
who used, abused and discarded them like old shoes. They have now become
UNTOUCHABLES like a person afflicted with leprosy.
I think we should not expect much from this buffoon as well. This is a
guy who went to congress three weeks ago and testified that ' the state
department has 'real' and 'circumstantial evidence' to prove that
Eritrea supplies armament to the Somali opposition - in particular
I am sorry to say that these so called educated African-Americans are
shame to all black people. I have worked with some and I have found them
to be lacking in knowledge and most of all 'critical thinking". They do
not have the capacity to think, reflect, question etc. (I know there
are a handful of black scholars, and activists, who are knowledgeable
and are critical thinkers and oppose U.S. foreign policy in Africa and
around the world. But, these are just few in number and their voices are
not heard and thus are inconsequential.) The others like this buffoon
Johnnie Carson are opportunist, house Negros, who only care about their
own selfish interest. They don't even give a damn about their own black
folks here in the U.S., who are abused and marginalized, let alone black
people in Africa. So I don't expect much from him.
On another note, however, I like what the Gov't of Eritrea did in
denying this buffoon a visa. First and foremost the buffoon has to
retract what he has said three weeks ago while testifying in Congress.
If he is going to stand by what he has said, he has to produce his
'real' evidence (forget the circumstantial evidence, which we know -
that is - Sheik Awyes is alleged to have told a foreign news agency that
Eritrea supports them - meaning - his faction and not Al-Shabab. And
Sheik Aways did not say (if the allegation is true) that Eritrea gave
his faction armaments. He was talking about the moral and political
support that Eritrea gives to the Somali people in their struggle to
re-liberate and reconstitute thier country.)
The Eritrean gov't should demand that Johnnie Carson should retract his
statement officially, by releasing a 'written statement' and at the same
time the Eritrean Gov't should express its willingness to engage with
the United States gov't provided the president of the United States is
willing to send a special envoy, to engage in a 'talk' without any kind
of condition and on the basis of equality and mutual respect. (BTW,
isn't President Obama ready to engage in talks with Iranian President
Ahmadinejad without any condition - i.e., president of a country which
is accused of trying to build a nuclear bomb and finances 'terrorists'
in the middle east.)
Anyway, I am just throwing my two cents worth on this subject and I hope
more knowledgeable Eritreans will engage in this debate and offer their
opinion as to what course of action Eritrea should follow in its
engagement with the new Obama Administration.
Thank you.

The United States Seeks to Engage Eritrea

By Tizita Belachew
 The U.S. Secretary of State's assistant for African affairs told VOA's
Tizita Belachew today "the door is open" to improving relations between
the United States and Eritrea.
In his second month on the job, Secretary of State for Africa Johnnie
Carson today discussed issues confronting several African countries
including Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia and Zimbabwe. Carson
has previously accused the State of Eritrea of shipping arms and
fighters to Somalia to support the insurgency of al-Shabab. Today, the
assistant secretary revealed a surprising twist in his efforts to engage

Carson, who has served as a U.S. diplomat in six African countries, told

Tizita, "I met with the Eritrean ambassador and asked to meet with
President Isaias Afewerki. If he will give me a visa, I will be there."
However, after Carson left his passport with the Eritrean embassy "for
an extended period" he was surprised to find it returned "without a visa

in it."
"If relations are not improved it will not be because we're not trying
to act as a respected partner."
Carson said the Obama administration seeks to normalize strained
relations. "This administration seeks a better relationship with
Eritrea," Carson said. The most recent difference is over Eritrea's
support for the insurgency against the Transitional Government of
President Afewerki told VOA's Tigrigna service in Asmara two weeks ago
that he looks forward to meeting Carson, but Afewerki repeatedly denies
flying weapons to al-Shabab in Somalia.
"There is a growing volume of real and circumstantial evidence of
continuing relations between Asmara and al-Shabab," Carson said today.
"We encourage Eritrea to cut off relations" with the insurgents, he
said. "There should be no transit for foreign fighters through
 "The door is open if they are transparent on Somalia."


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