[DEHAI] ERI-AM Sisters: A bright future with your support.

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From: michael seium (michael.seium@gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jun 24 2009 - 13:54:19 EDT

     ERI-AM Sisters: A bright future with your support.

     With talent shows and reality TV shows ever so popular, It isn't
every day that we hear the kind of voices that simply take our breath
away, so be prepared to catch your own breath when you listen to and
follow the growth of a new sensational trio known as ERI-AM sisters
from the North West to be exact from Seattle Washington. The story of
these young aspiring artists and how their parents discovered a family
musical gift is something that everyone can learn from. They are on
their way to becoming big stars & their journey from anonymity to
becoming world renown musical stars is very inspiring and what makes
it even more special is they are Eritrean-Americans.

     Like many other immigrant born children in the past, the new wave
of young successful people contributing their share of talent to the
American and international community in the 21st century is changing.
I mean who would have thought in the 1960's when the Jackson 5 had the
whole world jumping to the hit song "I want you back" that three
sisters born to Eritrean-American parents would be showcasing their
talent to millions of viewers on the NBC famous "America is got talent
show" forty years later?

Click and see for yourselves. Remember by clicking the link you are
also throwing support. I may say that you won't be disappointed


     The Eri-Am girls need your support and by following them closely
you can engage yourself with them and I hope as Africans, Eritreans,
Americans and music lovers in general you will contribute your support
by voting for the ERI-AM Sisters until they reach the mountain top.
After witnessing their performance there is no doubt that these young
beautiful girls their parents & their family will help them become
successful artists but also good role model citizens which I believe
they have already proven to be. Again click on the link below to see
their amazing performance from June 23rd's performance.


You can also check them out on You tube if for some reason you seem to
have a problem with the NBC link.


For your information NBC was the leading network last night when
ERI-AM sisters performed. The network moved into the lead at 9 p.m.
with a 6.2/10 for the beginning of the "America's Got Talent"
premiere. CBS' "The Mentalist" was a close second. On FOX, "Mental"
was third with a 2.4/4, beating ABC's tally for "The Superstars"
(2.6/4) and "Better Off Ted" (1.3/2). The finale of "Hitched or
Ditched" on The CW had a 0.9/2 for the hour. This is a great sign that
millions of people in the US and all over the world via satellite
watched these young and talented stars whose parents were also

Wish them only the best and with support from everyone the ERI-AM
sisters will be the next representatives of the Eritrean American
community on the world stage.

Mike Seium.

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