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Eritrea for mobile viewing Fenkil Operation Massawa: Twenty Eight Years Ago this Day

Posted by: Berhane Habtemariam

Date: Friday, 09 February 2018

Fenkil Operation
Massawa: Twenty Eight Years Ago this Day

By Yishak Yared |
February 9, 2018


Twenty eight years this day Massawa had witnessed a milestone in the history of Eritrea. Signal of the total independence of Eritrea and the doom of the era of colonizers. Fenkil Operation! Fenkil Operation, one of the big offensives carried out by the gallant EPLF fighters to root out colonialism and put independent Eritrea in its right place in the world map and restore the dignity of the Eritrean people as free and independent people was meticulously executed from 8to 10 February 1990. Operation Fenkil was a battle physically between Goliath and David, for the Derg regime was armed to the teeth with massive help from the then Soviet Union that provided the regime in Addis sophisticated tanks, heavy artillery, modern jet fighters, fighter ships, and other logistical support. These massive and sophisticated war machinery was targeted on the few less equipped but with high morale and dedication of the EPLF fighters...................


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