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(thomas mountain) Did the CDC Cause the West African Ebola Pandemic?

Posted by: thomas mountain

Date: Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Did the CDC Cause the West African Ebola Pandemic?

For years now Liberian journalists have been digging into how the
Center for Disease Control based in the USA was at the epicenter of
how the Ebola virus suddenly appeared in the west African country of
Liberia in 2014.

What they have confirmed so far is that for at least a year before the
Ebola outbreak the CDC had been operating a “research laboratory” that
at various times  had been studying live Ebola virus samples.

At the Atlanta research facilities of the CDC Ebola is treated with
the respect it deserves, and all solid waste is incinerated in state
of the art kilns and liquid waste has its own treatment facility.

Not so in Liberia before the Ebola outbreak. The Liberian
investigation has found evidence that the CDC solid waste disposal was
handled off site by private contractors who supposedly burned it all
in a enclosed incinerator. This was not the case, for the
investigation uncovered how Ebola research solid waste, including
“sharps” or needles, were dumped in garbage dumps across the capital
of Monrovia, Liberia.

With hundreds if not thousands of Liberians making a living scavenging
these refuse piles it was just a matter of time that someone would get
stuck by an Ebola laced hypodermic needle, and voila, an epidemic of a
lethal virus never before found in west Africa could have exploded on
the scene.

Of course it may not have been the solid waste from the CDC research
laboratory, it could just as easily have come from the liquid waste
generated there. The investigation uncovered that the drains at the
CDC laboratories were no different  really than the rest of Liberia, a
country where the capital didnt have electricity never mind running
water.  From the laboratory pipes to ditches to a stream where people
bathed, washed their dishes and clothes and even took drinking water
from…there was no modern liquid waste containment, let alone treatment
for what was flushed from the deadly “research” being conducted on the
cheap by the CDC in Liberia.

The World Health Organization and other CDC breathren have only been
able to come up with “Eating Infected Bats Brought Ebola to Liberia”,
sort of how AIDS got started in Africa by “natives eating monkeys”. Of
course no one has come up with any evidence on how bats somehow
travelled 600 kilometers from the Congo to west Africa for the first
time in history?

Who knows, maybe bats did bring Ebola, but one thing Liberian
journalists have uncovered is that the CDC did bring live Ebola virus
to Liberia to study at least a year before the outbreak and didnt
bother bringing the modern sanitation disposal systems needed to
prevent the virus escaping. Of course, like how the UN brought Cholera
to Haiti, deny, deny, deny, made easier by wild claims from the likes
of Jeff Rense and others of the Alex Jones temperment.

With Ebola suddenly reappearing in the Congo, and a new vaccine being
tested for the first time in extensive trials on humans, just what
awaits the Congolese guinea pigs years from now after the flood of
WHO, CDC et al have long gone home after declaring the Ebola epidemic
conquered is something journalists on the ground, like those in
LIberia and the last Ebola outbreak, will have to uncover.

Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist in Eritrea living and
reporting from here since 2006. See thomascmountain on Facebook or
best reach him at thomascmountain at g mail dot com
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