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( Italian entrepreneurs rediscover Eritrea

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Thursday, 13 December 2018

Italian entrepreneurs rediscover Eritrea

Eighty Italian entrepreneurs visiting the former colony to evaluate how to invoke after the withdrawal of UN sanctions against Asmara

of SARA BENNEWITZ   December 13, 2018Italian entrepreneurs rediscover Eritrea
MILAN - Eritrea rebels and after the peace, the new agreements with the UN and the withdrawal of sanctions against them, the country returns to be attractive for investors and also for songwriters, so that Jovanotti turns to Asmara his last video "Chiaro di Luna". 

After the peace with Ethiopia, he calls the tricolor investors to rediscover the former Italian colony. They respond in about eighty, specializing in energy, construction and building materials, mobility, transport, agriculture, food production and distribution, plant engineering, training, textiles but also tourism. And together with the entrepreneurs, also the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Italian Government, Emanuela Del Re, expressed its willingness to closely follow the initiatives on the territory.

"I found a welcoming, helpful and friendly country for Italians - says Nunzio Silletti of Gold Energy - My experience in other countries such as Ivory Coast and Kenya, lead me to consider as essential elements for our investment, just the issues of guarantee and security that I perceived and found in Eritrea Our will coincides with the objectives of the Eritrean Government and will lead us to analyze as soon as possible concrete hypotheses of investments in the renewable energy sector, which is the basis of a real change in the country. " Andrea Pedretti from Energy Vault, who is interested in investing in solar energy, is also of the same opinion .  Paolo CarliChairman and CEO of Henraux Spa, a marble company founded in 1821, added: "I consider the collaboration with Eritrea to be strategic, and it is certainly worth looking into the topic of our extractive basins and the search for new marbles and natural stones to be included in a path. of valorization of the raw material for architectural purposes 

Gianluca Laliscia, Endurance World Champion and Sole Administrator of, stated that: "During the visit to Eritrea, we decided to start working on the feasibility study aimed at the realization of a high quality breeding for the pure Arabian horse endurance The terrain of the land and the quality of the same, combined with a mild climate 12 months per year and therefore suitable for the well-being of horses, will certainly be the success factors for our goal, contributing to the recognition and repositioning of the 'Eritrea in the world ". 

And when you do business, you also do training. In particular, the professors Lucio Ubertini  director "Honors Center for Italian Universities"Director of the Building School of Perugia had a constructive meeting with Professor Haile Muthsun, director of the University of Asmara, for the development of possible collaborations aimed at training young people. I am very satisfied with the prospect that opens this agreement - comments Ubertini dell H2cu- both for the training of Eritrea's cadres and for the preparation of the Italian academic class for the use of new technologies for a shared teaching ".
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