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(ENA) Kuwait Hails Ethio-Eritrea Peace Deal

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Friday, 25 January 2019

Kuwait Hails Ethio-Eritrea Peace Deal

Addis Ababa January 25/2019 Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Sheik Sabah Al Khaled commended the extraordinary and unprecedented peace deal reached between Ethiopia and Eritrea, according to Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ethiopian Ambassador to Kuwait, Abdulfatah Abdullahi presented credentials to Sheik Sabah Al Khaled Al Alhmad Al Sabah.

During the occasion, Sheik Sabah Al Khaled appreciated the myriad of efforts on both sides, and noted “its significance to the wider Horn of Africa region serving as springboard wind of hope and tearing the wall of hostilities.”

Sheik Sabah Al Khaled said Kuwait will provide support to strengthen the all-round bilateral relationship of both countries.

Ambassador Abdulfatah underscored Ethiopia’s commitment towards improving the relationship between both countries.

Stating Ethio-Eritrea peace deal can significantly stabilize the security and peace order, Abdulfatah expressed to “weaving it into mutual socio-economic development of the whole region.”

Moreover, he said that people of the both countries have long-standing historical and cultural relations, the Ambassador noted “that served as a springboard for relations to improve at various times.”

Both countries started formal diplomatic relationship in 1967 and opened their respective embassies in 1997.
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