2003: Revelations
January 20, 2004

The year 2003 had several surprising revelations to offer to the world. One of these was the long-awaited answer to the question of who was the aggressor and who was the victim in the border conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Since Badme, in accordance with the Boundary Commission’s verdict, was finally restituted to its rightful owner Eritrea, the answer to the riddle became only too obvious.

The other revelation concerned logically the aggressor. The Woyane regime, as expected, refused to abide by the verdict and made its refusal official in a letter addressed to the UN Secretary General last September.

However, it was Eritrea that stood to gain by the Woyane’s contumacy. The whole world now knows that if the verdict has given Badme to Eritrea, it goes without saying that the aggressor could be none else but the Woyane regime.

This being the fact, the only path towards peace at the moment is to implement the Algiers agreement and demarcate the boundary without much ado.

Any step taken or ploy used by the Woyane regime to delay or create obstacles will only bring more unrest to this region.

The world community should be apprized of this fact and should do all it can to bring the wrong-doers back to their senses.

If, on the other hand, the world is going to sit and watch with folded arms as International laws are being flouted and justice defied, it means that all efforts made and still being made for the establishment of law and justice by various international organizations and institutions, including all international forums held for the promotion of law and order will be brought to naught.

Eritrea is asking for nothing but the respect of international law and the dispensation of justice without which any normal intercourse between nations and peoples of this shrinking world will simply fade into conflict and chaos.