ERITREA: A Boundless National Devotion
By: Adem Berhan
January 27, 2004

Eritrea may be and is often described as a poor nation. But, this does not mean that it will remain so for ever. Genuine efforts are being made by Eritrea's government and people to alter the economic status of Eritrea. The country is currently engaged in an ambitious and a strategic post-war economic revolution which when completed will certainly transform the nation and change the state of the nation permanently.
The resources employed in this endeavor include whatever resources the government manages to squeeze out of its meager national resources and budget. Also employed in this endeavor on a wide-spread range are Eritrea's uniquely and fiercely dedicated human resources. Reminiscent of the great achievements made during the era of Eritrea's liberation struggle by the revered freedom fighters who fought on one hand and tilled on the other, members of Eritrea's heroic Defense Forces are spearheading the economic revolution in Eritrea with unparalleled devotion and unwavering commitment.
The people's army is safeguarding the nation on one hand and transforming it economically on the other. Infrastructure that is necessarily needed to be in place for the country's development are being laid at an accelerating rate. Roads, bridges, airstrips and airports have been or are being built in strategic locations throughout the country. Essential public services, such as health, housing, education and social security are being rendered or provided in a manner that is relatively efficient and effective.
There is no doubt that the boundless and priceless sweat equity of our Eritrean citizens employed in our ambitious national development program, commonly known as "Warsay and Yikaalo Development Plan",  will at the end of the day earn our nation,Eritrea, the kind of recognition it deserves. If we can do so much given the no war and no peace situation in which we involuntarily find ourselves then I wonder what we could and would achieve when that situation ceases to exist and permanent peace is in place. Our continued support for the national development process underway in Eritrea is thus imperative.