By: Adem Berhan
October 29, 2003
The refusal by the Ethiopian government to abide by the final and binding border verdict is clearly a violation of law and tantamount to an act of provocation for war. The Ethiopian leaders must be compelled into compliance by the international community and the guarantors of the peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia. The demarcation process has already been delayed three times unjustifiably and unfairly. The Ethiopian leaders must be told to stop the monologue for dialogue and instead must be forced to cooperate immediately with the Border Commission.
An unenforced ruling is like adding an insult to an injury. Having received assurances and herewith securing the signatures of such guarantors as the UN, AU, EU, USA and other parties at the time of the signing of the agreement with Ethiopia in Algiers, Algeria, Eritrea had in good faith and earnest wishes to resolve the matter legally and peacefully entered into the Algiers agreement. Despite numerous obstacles placed by the Ethiopian government the process went on and resulted in the final and binding verdict in April 2002.
Failure to timely enforce the ruling and, hence, demarcate the border between the two countries will definitely be compounding further and make more uncertain an already bleak situation. If permanent peace and stability are to be secured in the region then the border must be demarcated without any further delays. The parties will then be able to focus on important national issues, such as resettlement of their displaced people, demobilization of their soldiers, development projects, elections and so on. The Ethiopian people should demand their leaders to act like dignified statesmen would.