By adem berhan
October 17, 2003

A single day that goes by without the border ruling involving Eritrea and Ethiopia being implemented is a reminder of the absence of justice. Sooner than later, the guarantors ought to exert utmost pressure on or punish the party, the Ethiopian government, that is clearly in violation of the ruling and obstructing its execution. The time to act is now before the Ethiopian government-created "impasse" escalates into another conflict.

To begin with, there is no impasse in this case. What we clearly have is a situation in which one party, Ethiopia, refuses to comply with the ruling and the other party, Eritrea, is fully compliant. One party's refusal can not be regarded as an impasse. Speaking on behalf of the international community, both the Ethio-Eritrean Border Commission and the UN Security Council have repeatedly told the Ethiopian government that the ruling is final and binding.

However, the Ethiopian government continues to openly defy and ridicule the ruling, Border Commission and the guarantors. In light of the situation the concerned parties ought to forcefully enforce the ruling and take punitive measures against the Ethiopian government. Any further delays in doing these by the guarantors would signal the wrong messages and perhaps embolden further the regime in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Once again, the guarantors are being urged to be firm and decisive for the sake of the noble causes justice, peace and the rule of law. The guarantors are being pleaded to act now justly instead of reacting later to undo injustice.