Mr. Lloyd Axworthy - The Jammed-Door-Cork Screw
By: Araia G. Ephrem
February 22, 2004

As news of Mr. Lloyd Axworthy’s visit to the Horn of Africa hit the waves, I couldn’t help but follow the news. His statements took me aback a bit - not in a shock - but in mere disbelief of what became of Mr. Kofi Anan’s high offices. The stance Mr. Axworthy’s statements carry is a measure of the arrogance and condescension his employing office – Mr. Kofi Anan - shows upon Eritrea and the border issue.


Mr. Axworthy went to say as follows:


“The purpose here is to help bring about implementation. We have to make it clear we are not here in any way to replace that decision or to even find an alternative way of dealing with the mechanisms.”


If Mr. Anan through the good envoy - Mr. Axworthy - wants to appear unambiguous about his intent and decisions regarding the implementations, why involve some one else? His high offices are well capable of doing their tasks and obligations according to the law.


Mr. Anan’s office fully knows the realities and therefore could have employed proper channels of the rule of law at his disposal. He gets privilege updates from the UNMEE, EEBC and other sources including Eritrea. For him to fly off to Canada and bring some one from the cold weather to freshen the Horn region simply states his poor handling of the issue.


Mr. Axworthy declared his dedication to his objectives as follows:


“I am used to having a few doors slammed in my face first time round. But I am pretty persistent in going back and I am good at opening them. I am also prepared to stay in the region as long as it takes.”


Although, Mr. Axworthy appears enthused and God-sent to the region, perhaps he didn’t realize he sounded like he was dealing with a bottle of wine with an awkward cork stuck in. Perhaps Mr. Axworthy considers the issue as light as disengaging a jammed auto door. However, we are not talking about some jammed-wine-bottles here! And of course, he certainly didn’t make good impressions of a jammed-door-corkscrew from the get go either.


Perhaps he didn’t realize yet that he would become another student of Eritrea’s unambiguous ethics and truth. That is what Eritrea’s stance does to everyone who comes to pass. Perhaps Eritrea attracted his heightened ego only to instruct him about the human aspects of life and politics. Perhaps, Mr. Axworthy will pick a lesson or two like his predecessors - Bandini, Anthony Lake, Herman Cohen, David Shin, Dan Connell and etc.


Perhaps, he will secretly fall in love with Eritrea for its mesmerizing ethics, which he never had chances to witness before. Perhaps he will peek at the charms of Eritrea from afar, enjoying the elephants migrating to Bisha; the Camels marching in Barka, and the Lions roaring across Eritrea.


Perhaps, Mr. Axworthy had already fallen in love with Eritrea’s beauty and he wanted to broaden his experiences by synching his name with the beauty. A lot of scenarios one could contemplate. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure. Mr. Axworthy only can enjoy such privies from across the border!


Now, the media outlets started on to say, “Eritrea defies” again?


All such whirling hoopla brings back memories of the last five years. All that muddy slingshots darted at Eritrea didn’t make sense then, and none will make sense now either.


Perhaps, Mr. Axworthy is a bit late into the game, for the Lions of Sahel and their cubs had already started roaring! With each roar, the Camel marches on fully aware the roars are in its honor. With each roar, the Tortoise snails its way forward comforted with the dignifying echo of a people with tenacious loyalty to its statehood.


Perhaps Mr. Axworthy will get a chance to watch all such beauty. Of course, from way afar!



God/Allah Bless Eritrea

Eternal Glory to our Martyrs