Sanction the Janjaweed but not the Woyane!
By: Biniam Tekle
July 1, 2004

The Western and African media have been reporting about calls being made to impose sanction on officials of the Sudan regime and , get this, the ragtag Janjaweed militia that are "responsible" for the killing rampage that has taken place in the Darfur region. Slapping all those responsible for the destruction with a sanction is the right thing to do and hope they would do it sooner rather than latter.

However, it behooves any keen observer of the Horn of Africa to learn the eagerness of the West to see this sanction placed when they have totally ignored a call for sanction that has been legitimately decided and printed in black and white at the behest of the international community including the US, the same body that is now calling for sanction in the Sudan. The "final and binding" agreement signed by Eritrea and Ethiopia clearly stipulates a sanction to be imposed on the party that reneged on the agreement but that seems to have no significance to the guarantors of the agreement. If war broke out between Eritrea and Ethiopia again the destruction this time around would probably be wide spread and one that would acutely affect the whole region. Despite that glaring fact the International Community is unable to hold the guilty party, the Woyane, responsible for abandoning its commitment. To the contrary, they are funneling unimaginable amount of aid money with out condition in to the country, which is tantamount to giving the Woyane a tacit approval to head-on with its belligerent stance.

Why is the West now so swift in making the threat of sanction while it is refusing to take the same action against the Woyane leadership. The answer is of course hypocrisy, a treat that seems to be going hand in hand with the West.