Eritrean-Americans in Washington, DC and surrounding states Condemn Ethiopia's rejection of the EEBC Delimitation Decision
By Ghidewon Abay Asmerom
October 12, 2003

Eritrean-Americans in Washington, DC and surrounding states Condemn Ethiopia's rejection of the EEBC Delimitation Decision and Call upon the United States Congress to pass HR 2760.
The following is an English version of the five-point resolution that was unanimously passed by over a thousand Eritreans and Eritrean Americans that attended the town hall meeting with Ambassador Ghirma Asmerom on Sunday, October 12, 2003 in Washington, DC.

We Eritrean-Americans residing in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area and vicinity in our meeting of October 12, 2003, after being briefed on the general state of affairs in Eritrea but particularly on the current status of the demarcation of the Eritrea-Ethiopia border by H. E. Ambassador Ghirma Asmerom, and after holding an extensive discussion of the issues have unanimously passed the following resolutions:


1.     Supporting the Government of Eritrea’s patient and careful handling of the peace process so that the Eritrea-Ethiopia boundary could be demarcated expeditiously on the basis of the Boundary Commission's delimitation Decision, we strongly condemn Ethiopia's decision to reject the Eritrea/Ethiopia Boundary Commission's April 2002 Decision and with that the December 2000 Algiers Agreement. We see this irresponsible Ethiopian act as anti-peace and a design that will destabilize the whole Horn of Africa.

2.     Urging vigilance and preparation for any eventuality that might come our way due to Ethiopia's reckless and irresponsible intention of going to war in order to get what it couldn't get legally, we declare our unwavering support to the Eritrean Government and its Defense Forces as they continue to ensure Eritrea’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

3.     Recognizing the dangerous precedent Ethiopia's violation of the Boundary Commission's Decision, Security Council resolutions and its Algiers treaty obligations can set in all boundary disputes but more ominously in Africa, we call upon the international community but particularly the guarantors of the Algiers Agreement (the United Nations, the United States, the European Union and the African Union) to unequivocally and explicitly remind Ethiopia to abide by the Algiers Agreement and to implement, without further delay, the final and binding delimitation Decision of the independent Eritrea/Ethiopia Boundary Commission.

4.     Calling upon the United States Congress to pass HR 2760, “The Resolution of the Ethiopian-Eritrean Border Dispute Act of 2003” we pledge to do our utmost to inform our local representatives, senators, as well as friends and all peace-loving people to have a clear understanding of the truth vis-à-vis Ethiopia's violation of the Algiers Agreement and its continued refusal to implement the Boundary Commission's delimitation Decision.

5.     Accepting the fact that securing Eritrea’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is of highest priority, parallel to this we believe healing war scars and putting Eritrea on a secure development path is of an equal urgency. To this effect we pledge to do all what we can and to work wholeheartedly to make sure the Government of Eritrea’s “Warsai-Yikalo” development plan that is already underway and making tremendous progress, thanks to the coordinated effort of the Eritrean people and its Defense Forces, succeeds. Particularly we promise to contribute to the fund that has been established to alleviate the economic burden of family members of Eritrea heroes who fell defending the country.

October 12, 2003

Washington, DC