Mr. Meles Zenawi's Move: One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards
By: Eritrean Media Group Holland
December 2, 2004

The only new thing from the latest so-called "peace initiative" of the Ethiopian Prime Minister is that "Ethiopia agrees to pay its dues to the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission and to appoint field liaison." But this will remain impractical unless the Ethiopian regime fully accepts the EEBC's Decision. As the matter of the fact, this should have been accepted by the TPLF regime some two years ago.

It will be a real worry if we have to wait years for the international community itself to develop a pressure upon the Ethiopian regime to be fully abided by the rule of law and, without any ifs and buts, to accept the Boundary Commission Decision that would bring a lasting peace between the two neighbours. It would also be a tragedy if the Boundary Commission's decision, which is final and binding, is believed to be interpreted by having a dialogue. We think it is a dangerous problem to imagine that the border conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia would be solved by having a dialogue rather than putting a pressure on the Ethiopian government to cooperate fully with the Boundary commission.

Demarcation is the only guarantee that has the right effective remedy to bring a future normalization between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Based on the facts stated in Mr. Meles Zenawi's latest "peace initiative", there will be no demarcation without dialogue. But, the harder question is that: how can two parties engage into dialogue before getting rid the obstacle that brought them in to conflict?

We don't expect the International Community in general and the UN in particular to be either na´ve or fooled by Mr. Meles Zenawi's orchestrated new and satirical theatre. The so-called peace initiative, no matter how well-drafted, it's clear to us in which direction we are heading i.e. to another long and irksome years of diplomatic silence.
On this occasion, we would like to urge the international Community in general and the guarantors of the Algiers Peace Agreement in particular to put a maximum pressure on Ethiopia to cooperate with Boundary Commission. The only solution to the border conflict between the two nations is by demarcating the borders based on the decision made by the EEBC.

We want to press the following statements

The Rule of Law Must Be Respected