Root causes what?
By: Esayas Temesgen
March 26, 2005

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia tries to change the border conflict into a jerry Springer dramatic comedy TV show.

Last month it was about "anomalies" in the border ruling-he was complaining.... in his interview with the talking points of BBC from his office in Addis Ababa, now it is the "root cause."

Recently Ethiopia's premier on his interview with the most popular Arabic news medium al-gazeera of Qatar has suggested that ... a visitation to "the root cause" of the conflict as the only way to settle the boarder raw between Eritrea and Ethiopia. That is not enough a week later he was justifying a genocidal war drum by saying Ethiopia is massing its troops at the border "to send a message." Duh!

Of course it is the sovereignty of Eritrea the "root cause" that lead the two peoples to war for four decades; if the Prime Minister thinks otherwise he must be living in a dream world. I guess....

Regarding the "send a message" blabber, Well Eritrea has known as early as five decades ago expansionist Ethiopia's intention of war of aggression and able to design a strategy that allow it not only to repulse but to topple his predecessor from the capital of Ethiopia. 

It looks that the prime minister is not interested in tripping the viscous cycle of war that has taken hundred of thousands of human life not to mention the millions that are starving or suffer from chronic disease and malnutrition; a viscous cycle which virtually crippled the economy, hampering development and forced the Ethiopian Government to ask the world rich nations for dept relief; despite over twenty years tens of billions of dollars that was poured by these nations on food, medicine and shelter.

This mendacity by the rulers of Ethiopia is noting but an excuse to keep the statuesque: the system of militia breeding and pan handling. A system that is lead by sleazy and unconcerned corrupt individuals who prefer to make a deal with foreign powers that will keep them on power- than working for the prosperities and peace of their citizens.

In a balance to settle this injustice, Eritrea has assured its statehood not only with its peoples might to withstand and repulse Ethiopia's aggression but with an internationally observed referendum in the first conflict.  Even as Ethiopia's expansionist policy flare-up for the second time in the context of a border raw Eritrea used the same might and international court to close the chapter of Ethiopia's aggression.

It is worth mentioning that Ethiopia wasn't able to accomplish this expansionist policy without support of some prominent nations particularly the UK: The queens Prime Minister [Tony Blair] recently amalgamated in grooming the Ethiopian Premier to keep its grip over the OAU and ECA.

The UK: to sponsor Ethiopia's sabotage of peace and growth in the continent, initiating interference and reversing international law particularly in Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti and Kenya. Is rather a deviation from the real issue of Africa; Exploitation and development of its natural and human resources.

In contrast Eritrea and Djibouti have succeeded in-foiling Ethiopia's regional intrusive Moves and Somali is in the processes of gathering momentum to follow soot. Obviously Mr. Blair didn't learn the lesson from their previous staging Boy Haillesselasse's demise by few Army privates.


Awet n'Hafash