Do I smell a conspiracy theory brewing against Eritrea?

By: Haile Abraham

March  16, 2004

Some may say it is a bit presumptuous to think at this time that a conspiracy theory is brewing by some elements of the International Community against Eritrea in its effort to demarcate its international boarders.  Some may even dismissed it as ludicrous.  But for those of us who have been closely following the progress, or its lack there of, the idea of some sort of conspiracy against Eritrea may not seem to be too far-fetched.


Before we go any further on this subject, first let’s define what conspiracy means.   According to Webster’s dictionary, CONSPIRACY is “An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action. [Emphasis Mine]


The Algiers Peace Agreement, along its six incorporated articles of agreement, clearly states, “The parties agree that the delimitation and demarcation determinations of the Commission shall be final and binding. Each party shall respect the border so determined, as well as the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the other party.” 


Again referring to our Dictionary, the word BINDING is described as “To place under legal obligation by contract or oath.”


So what we have right here is a final and binding verdict, which should be placed under legal obligation by contract or oath, but instead it appears like an agreement is being made by two or more countries to accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.


In regards to any issues about the verdict, the next paragraph in the Algiers Peace Agreement states:


Recognizing that the results of the delimitation and demarcation process are not yet known, the parties request the United Nations to facilitate resolution of problems which may arise due to the transfer of territorial control, including the consequences for individuals residing in previously disputed territory.


So therefore, Axworthy’s appointment as a special envoy other than for the above mentioned reasons, should be considered as an attempt to accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.  This, my friends, is not too far-fetched from being considered as an act of conspiracy against a sovereign state.


May justice finally prevail so I could be proven wrong!!!