US, EU, AU and UN Think They Are Doing Poor Landlocked Ethiopia a Favour
By: Kidane Eyob
April 1, 2004

The ‘Road Map’ to genocide and Somaliazation the TPLF regime is blindly pursuing holding hands with their sponsors and mentors, The US, EU, AU and UN.

In the early 1950s, US, UK and UN forced Eritrea to be federated with Ethiopia so land-locked Ethiopia can get an access to the Sea as well as get their strategic interest in the Red Sea from the last Emperor, who at the time, was their main ally in the region. Surely, it would have been a lot simpler and politically correct to grant Eritrea its well-deserved independence just like all the other African colonies and get their long-term strategic interest in the region from the Eritrean government they could have helped to establish in the 1950s.

Ten years after federating Eritrea with Ethiopia under the UN resolution, the last Emperor unilaterally and forcibly annexed Eritrea, dissolved the parliament, abolished our languages and political parties and declared Eritrea the 14th province of Ethiopia. Just like Meles now, the last Emperor violated the rule of law and got away with it the early 1960s. These superpowers and their United Nations Organisation did absolutely nothing to ensure the rule of law was adhered to, because they thought they were doing Ethiopia a favour. Were they?
Definitely Not.

What followed was 30 years of bloody war, displacement of millions of people, famine, starvation, diseases, poverty not to mention helping a dictator the Derg regime to exploit the total disarray and power vacuum in the country and come to power in the mid 1970s. They obviously did not do Ethiopia a favour in the 1950s and 60s. Did they?

Had they ensured justice to prevail and grated Eritrea its independence in the 1950s or 60s just like all the other African colonies, they could have prevented all these war, famine, suffering and misery of the Eritrean and Ethiopian peoples in the last 40 odd years. It is not an exaggeration to state that, had they ensured justice and grated Eritrea its independence, there would have been peace in the whole region. And, had there been peace in Eritrea and Ethiopia in the last 40 years, there would not have been famine and starvation in the whole region in spite of the recurring draught.
At least not to the scale we have witnessed in the last four decades.

As if all these war and suffering is not enough, they made the same mistakes again in the late 1990s and incited as well as financed the TPLF regime to declare war on Eritrea and pursue a policy of aggression and expansionism. This time they failed even more miserably because unlike the last Emperor and the Derg, the TPLF lacks the basic know-how of modern warfare and applied 1st world war tactics against 2nd world war weaponry killing 150,000 poor Ethiopian peasants in three rounds of attacks between 1998 and 2000.
Are they really doing Ethiopia a favour?
Of course Not.

The minority government of the TPLF has rejected the final and binding ruling of the EEBC in violation of the rule of law and is getting away with it. This is just like getting away with murder. It seems to me, that Meles knows too well and his sponsors and mentors have also assured him that UN, US, EU and AU will not take any punitive measures against Ethiopia.
They think they are doing Ethiopia a favour and prevent her from disintegration, ethnic cleansing, genocide and Somaliazation.
Are they really doing Ethiopia a favour?
Of course Not.

In fact they are aggravating the situation and acting, as a catalyst to what Ethiopia is most likely and sadly become. Another Somalia and Rwanda of this most unfortunate continent. Actually, even worse than Somalia and Rwanda because Ethiopia has two major religions, a giant population and several ethnic groups who have been incited to hate and fight each other by the TPLF regime’s divide and rule policy and social engineering experiment for the last 13 years. This experiment is no longer controlled experiment and sooner or later there will be the worst genocide in modern history and catastrophic humanitarian disaster never seen before in this continent.

The recent massacre in Gambella, the public demonstrations in Tiyen-Biyen, the frequent surrender of Ethiopian soldiers to Eritrea and the Oromo students’ riots are a clear indication of the ‘Road Map’ to genocide and Somaliazation the TPLF regime is blindly pursuing holding hands with their sponsors and mentors.
Are they really doing Ethiopia a favour?
Definitely Not, and they are responsible for the genocide and humanitarian disaster when it explodes in their faces soon.

If they really want do the Ethiopian people a favour, they must ensure the TPLF regime to accept the final and binding ruling of the EEBC and allow the immediate implementation of the demarcation and give peace a chance.
Afterwards, they can help both governments and the peoples of these countries to gradually normalise relations through dialogue. This will take time.
Only God knows how long it will take.

One would expect these super power countries and international organisations to know better or at least, learn from their mistakes of the past. It seems to me they are obsessed and ‘brain-locked’ with helping land-locked and brain-locked poor Ethiopia with access to the Sea so they can get their strategic interest from the TPLF regime.
What a dumb idea.

It has been two years since the final and binding ruling of the EEBC has been formally announced, though initially the politically immature TPLF leadership accepted the verdict and declared ‘total victory’, after they had digested the details of the ruling, they decided to demand clarifications and eventually bluntly rejected the final and binding ruling of the EEBC in violation of the international rule of law.
And they are getting away with it too. Why?
Because the TPLF regime knows too well that, they are doing Ethiopia a favour and preventing her from disintegration, genocide and ethnic cleansing.
Are they really?
Absolutely Not.
The irony is that the favour the Ethiopian people need from them is not being delivered. It is not the Red Sea that the Ethiopian people desperately need. There are 14 African and several European landlocked countries that are living in peace with their neighbouring countries and enjoying the fruits of peace too.

What the Ethiopian people need most is peace, food, shelter, education, healthcare and help to exploit their rich natural resources and become self sufficient in food production possibly even the bread basket of the region.

It is very irresponsible of these countries and organisations not to take any punitive measures against Ethiopia and force Meles to adhere to the rule of law and accept the final and binding ruling of the EEBC without any precondition and allow the border demarcation to take place so the Ethiopian and Eritrean people can live in peace and help normalise relations.

Both Ethiopia and Eritrea can only fully focus on their national development projects, rehabilitation, demobilisation, and normalising relations after the border demarcation has been carried out successfully.

To the astonishment and disbelieve of most law-abiding people and nations, the UK government have decided to reward Meles by tripling their aid for Ethiopia to 100 million dollars per year. The US is probably waiting to be intellectually advised by their mentor the UK before they decide to increase their aid to Ethiopia ten folds.
The UN and AU are as usual waiting their instructions from the Whitehouse.
Are they really doing Ethiopia a favour?
Definitely Not.

If they don’t get Meles to accept the final and binding ruling of the EEBC sooner rather than later and ensure that the border demarcation is carried out with immediate effect, the chances are, (according to some analysts 75%) there will be a fourth round of war and this time Ethiopia will end up like Somalia and Rwanda possibly even worse. Whatever happens, the US, EU, AU and UN are responsible now as they are responsible for the 30 years of bloody war that took place as a result of their unjust arrangements of forcibly federating Eritrea with Ethiopia in the 1950s.

Now as ever, justice will prevail, and the TPLF regime and their partners and mentors are responsible for turning Ethiopia into another Somalia unless they force the TPLF to accept the final and binding ruling of the EEBC and the rule of law and give peace a chance. The TPLF regime must allow the demarcation process to take place ASAP and genuinely work very hard indeed, to normalise relations and fully focus on nation building and sorting out their domestic problems.

Against all the odds Eritrea achieved its independence after 30 years of military struggle, by force, legalised and obtained international recognition after the referendum in 1993 and survived the three rounds of TPLF invasion financed by their mentors and designed by greedy, incompetent and criminal mercenaries.

God bless Eritrea.
Glory to our Martyrs.
Awet N-Hafash.