PRESS RELEASE: Ministry of Information The State of Eritrea

The Ministry of Information of the State of Eritrea has responded to a statement released today by the Ethiopian regime's Ministry of Information claiming that the Government in Ethiopia has come up with "a new proposal, capable of bringing a solution to the Eritrean-Ethiopian conflict." Following is the statement released by Eritrea's Ministry of Information in its full text:

1.the Algiers Agreements are respected and the prevalence of the rule of law is guaranteed;

2.the Boundary Commission's final and binding decision is honored in accordance with the rule of law;

3.the regime in Ethiopia withdraws from sovereign Eritrean territories it continues to occupy; and

4.the border demarcation is implemented on the ground based on the Boundary Commission's decision;

these futile attempts by the regime in Ethiopia are solely aimed at promoting public relations exercises and buying more time, as it also prolongs the suffering of the peoples of both Eritrea and Ethiopia in its worst form.

Ministry of Information
25 November 2004