Let Alone 800m; 800mm of Eritrean Lands are None-Negotiable
By: Dr. Michael Fessehaye
December 8, 2004

Long before Meles uttered a word, Eritrea gave her four-point plan for Meles Zenawi to heed before he performed his futile dancing ritual on the floor of Ethiopian Parliament. Consistent in spirit and intent to the Algerian Peace Agreement, which is yet to be respected and upheld not only by Ethiopia but also by UNSC, AU, EU, and USA, (the guarantors of peace), the Eritrean four-point plan or position was concise and to the point and it went like this:

1.the Algiers Agreements are respected and the prevalence of the rule of law is guaranteed;

2. the Boundary Commission's final and binding decision is honored in accordance with the rule of law;

3. the regime in Ethiopia withdraws from sovereign Eritrean territories it continues to occupy; and

4. the border demarcation is implemented on the ground based on the Boundary Commission's decision; these futile attempts by the regime in Ethiopia are solely aimed at promoting public relations exercises and buying more time …..”

But would the Meles Zenawi, the insomniac leader of the minority apartheid regime of Ethiopia, heed? No, he would not and he could not; for “peace” is not good for the personal and political health of Meles and his bandits. Instead, if he is to hold on to power a day longer to blood-suck Ethiopia more, he has to keep peace hostage by hoodwinking and deceiving the “guarantors of peace” in general and the Ethiopians in particular. It was to that end, Meles Zenawi, the leader of the apartheid regime of Ethiopia, was seen performing his dancing ritual and blabbered the acceptance of the ruling of the Boundary Commission “in principle”, with “dialogue”, and “give and take” as a package.

Reading Meles Zenawi between the lines, the first reaction that comes is, has Meles studied the Algerian Peace Agreement and the “final and binding verdict” of the Boundary Commission lately to grasp the difference between accepting the “final and binding verdict” “unequivocally and unconditionally” and accepting the verdict of the Boundary Commission “in principle”? He is expected and demanded to know; but if he is an English language challenged, then some one should have opened the English Language dictionary for him.

It is quite interesting and an eye-opener to hear Meles Zenawi invoke the infamous word “dialogue” twenty five (25) times, the “in principle” phrase twenty (20) times, and his latest buzz phrase, “give and take”, four (4) times in the speech he gave to the Ethiopian Parliament. Why go through all these troubles and why go through all these temper tantrums (Hashewuye) when the solution, the only solution on the table, is to accept the “final and binding” verdict” unequivocally and unconditionally, with no ifs and buts? Eritrea knows, Ethiopia knows, and the “guarantors” of peace agreement know the verdict of the Border Commission is “final and binding”, which leaves him no room for political acrobatic summersault and no loophole to escape through. Hermetically sealed and an airtight peace agreement, the first of its kind, was what Eritrea and Ethiopia signed and they are expected to live by it, by a hook or crook. Other than accepting the verdict with honor and statesmanship, trying to crack this hermetically sealed peace agreement is an exercise in futility.

By now, you expect Meles Zenawi to have a rudimentary common sense to try to save his country from hunger and diseased. In Meles Zenawi’s Ethiopia; if it is not hunger, it is HIV epidemic; if it is not HIV, it is malaria epidemic, if it is not malaria, it is despair; if it is not despair, then it is back to square one to hunger and human misery of biblical proportion and yet Meles and his bandits from Mekele are still gambling with the very welfare of the common Ethiopian man and woman; not to mention drugging Eritrea to their miserable world. As a leader of a country which is reduced to hell on earth, as leader of a country where the badly needed life sustain and supporting daily bread of his people is all coming in the form of alms and handouts year in and year out, and as leader of a country where 65% of the yearly operating budget is coming in the form of loans and grants; one would expect Meles and his bandits to appreciate and value “peace”. But “peace” is not what Ethiopia, the accursed land, is expecting from the latest temper tantrums of Meles.

The difference between an “unequivocal and unconditional” acceptance of the verdict, as demanded by the peace agreement, is correct and noble; where as accepting the agreement “in principle” is only to perpetuate the misery of the Ethiopians. Such a position from a leader of a country that has been termed as synonym to “hunger” is cruel, evil, and sadistic to say the least. Then again, Meles and his bandits know it is the Ethiopians who are to pay for it in more blood and mayhem and the Weyane can afford to gamble one more time. After all, not to deflate the inflated ego trip of Meles; it is the Ethiopians who are the designated or sentenced as “fengiregach” (live human mine sweepers) that will be sacrificed both in and out of the Weyane ignited war. That is why Meles and his bandits can afford to try one more time to hoodwink all concerned to buy more time so that the Weyane can achieve their short-term and hopefully their long-term political objectives at the cost of the Ethiopian people.

Although some quarters, gullibly and/or devilishly, are trying to present the latest temper tantrum of Meles as a step forward to peace, terming it as a “break through”; it did not take 24 hours for Meles and Co to come out to the open to tell the whole world what they really meant by “accepting in principle”, with “dialogue”, and “give and take” “as a package”. Not a day has passed, Weyane for to come out into the open telling the whole world that they are still swimming in the “dialogue” quicksand; an “open-ended dialogue” at that. To that effect, let us hear it from the horse’s mouth and let us read Meles Zenawi between the lines. Just yesterday, with his bulging eyes twinkling and his mouth drooling, with no shame at all, standing in front of the journalists and diplomats in Finn Finne (Addis Ababa), Meles said;

“On the so-called 85 percent of the boundary (with Eritrea), we have said all along that we don't have any objection and it can be demarcated straight away,"

Desperate to deceive the innocent and unassuming by-stander and the gullible, Meles went on to elaborate his evil and he blabbers:

“disagreement over the remaining 15 percent of the border could be solved through dialogue with Eritrea, which went to war with Ethiopia between 1998-2000”.

Has Meles and the bandits of the Horn, the Weyane, have forgotten the contents of the “Frame Work Agreement”, the “Modalities”, and the “Technical Arrangements”, the Algerian Peace Agreement? This is the document in which Ethiopia and the “guarantors of peace” have signed to live by and uphold. He cannot forget; if he did, then the “guarantors of peace” have the moral, legal, and political obligation to shake him and wake him up from his amnesia. Time for Meles to accept and abide by “rule of law”. This is not the 19th Century when might used to be right and when “colonialism” as we know it, be it of European origin or African origin, used to be the norm the practice. This is the 21st Century when the “rule of law” is cardinal and highway robbery and state sponsored banditry is not be tolerated or accepted. And this is the 21st Century where the sins and crime against humanity of the past are never to surface again. But and but here are Meles and Co who still think and believe they can turn the clock back to the 19th Century, to the century of grabbing land and wealth that belong to others.

That is not all. Meles Zenawi, the “Ye Arada Cholie” (street-smart) from Mekele, hoping he can trap, lure, or entice Eritrean into “dialogue”, an “open ended dialogue” at that, continues;

"Resolving the issues of a few meters here and a few hundred meters there? at most one or two kilometers ? is not going to be an insurmountable task,"

Please concentrate on the key phrase “few meters here and a few hundred meters there”! A “few meters here and a few hundred meters there”? That is all? There lays the “poison pill” intended to be administered to Eritrea to impart a slow and agonizing death. Meles is good, he is damn good! I take that back; Meles must not be bright if he thinks he can take Eritrean leadership for a ride. Eritrea perfectly knows; Meles and Co are aiming at a much more than “few meters here and a few hundred meters there”. But as desperate as they are, they have to try to hoodwink the innocent by-stander and Eritrea into believing that this is not worth for Eritrea to fight for. The logical question that should follow is, if it is only a “few meters here and a few hundred meters there”; then is it worth for Meles to make a fool of himself by trying to play “Wedi Shuq” (street-smart) in front of the world community in general and the farsighted and dynamic Eritrean leadership in particular? For a “few meters here and a few hundred meters there”; can Meles justify sentencing the Ethiopians to more hell of earth and hunger? How much longer could the Ethiopians go “hungry” or go to war in an empty stomach? Devastated by HIV epidemic and paralyzed by diseases of epic proportion, can Meles justify the squandering of the meager resources of Ethiopia in arms and armaments for “few meters here and a few hundred meters there”? That is what the “guarantors of peace” should ask and they should demand an answer from the bandits of the Horn.

That is not all; follow Meles Zenawi blabbering another phrase that went;

” at most one or two kilometers is not going to be an insurmountable task,".

The desperately desperate Meles Zenawi went further to tell what is really eating him up from the inside and this is how he put it;

"Even in the case of Badme we are talking about 800 meters, nothing more, and "Negotiation means give and take. It also means that whoever is coming to the table for negotiations is prepared to give some things, but not others.”

To take you back deep into the thinking and mentality of Meles, let me repeat the first sentence of the above and look for the word “Badme” in there;

"Even in the case of Badme we are talking about 800 meters, nothing more, and "Negotiation means give and take.”

Meles and the bandits of Ethiopia know, Eritrea knows, and the world community know that “Badime” is only 1.8 km on the Northwest side of the famous “Straight Line”. In essence what Meles is asking Eritrea is, at the very least, to bend the famous “Straight Line” so that “Badime” will be 800mm on the Southwest side. Meles must not be a good student of geometry and it is high time for him to understand that a “straight line” can only be “straight” and famous “Straight Line” was straight from the ages and to the Eritreans it can only be “straight” for generation to come.

Meles must be a certified idiot if he thinks he can hoodwink the “Shaebia” to accept his demands. To blabber "Even in the case of Badme we are talking about 800 meters, nothing more”, as if it is the works of a rocket scientist or brain surgeon; Meles must have forgotten “Shaebia”, the farsighted and leadership, who grabbed his hand and led him to Menelik Palace in 1991. Meles must not be bright if he thought he could outsmart or outfox the very Eritrean leadership, the very individuals, who taught him the ABCs (HA.…HU….HI….) aspects of his life and his organization not to mention the opening of the gates of Menelik Palace and letting him in. Then again, desperate people resort to desperate measure and Meles and gang have to resort to desperate measures if they are to deceive and hoodwink others to get what they want. But this is only and exercise in futility and as they say on Doro Maneqia or Iri Bekentu, Meles is engaged in a “Kewedequ Menferaget, Melalat” or as they say in our nick of the woods, “Mis Wediqka Ay’Tihazuni Malet; Milhihats Eyu Tirfu”.
Now you know or you should know where the farsighted and dynamic Eritrean leadership and the Eritrean people are coming from. Knowing and remembering denial (Alu), betrayal (Tilmet), deceit (Qitfet), biting the hand the fed you, and burning down the home that provided you shelter and refuge is the hallmark or the trademark of Meles and Weyane; Eritrea has no other recourse but to watch for Eritrea with an eagle eye. These unholy and dishonorable traits of the minority apartheid regime of Ethiopia are not new. It is in their blood and they just cannot help it. What is ugly and shameful about all these is they take and they live by these unholy and dishonorable traits as if they are noble, honorable, and virtuous merits. Knowing the nature and make up of Meles Zenawi and the Weyane bandits, the only thing left for Eritrea is to stay on course, watch every step of the Weyane with an eagle eye, get ready for any eventualities that may arise, and demand the “guarantors of peace” to shoulder their moral, legal, political obligation to demarcate as per the "final and binding verdict", with no ifs or buts.

An inquiry mind ought to ask why all these from Meles and Co; if the solution is as simple as “accepting the final and binding verdict”? Weyane cannot afford to accept peace. The issue at hand is not about “Badime” or “about 800 meters, nothing more” but there is much more than that. War is destructive and devastating phenomenon of the human race; but in the world of the bandits of Weyane “peace” and ‘harmony” is the thing they dread and abhor the most if they are to survive. Otherwise, not a sane Ethiopian leader will drive himself to hell on earth inside Menelik Place for just “about 800 meters”. Be it as it may, let alone the farsighted and sophisticated Eritrean leadership, a common Eritrean from the streets perfectly knows where Meles is heading. For all practical purposes one could conclude the inertia that is driving Meles and his bandits to this sorry state, making them swim in a quicksand (Azeqiti) they could not swim out from, has to do with the “short term” and a “long term” objectives or hallucination of Weyane.

The short-term component that is pushing Meles over the cliff deals with the immediate aspects of the “Algerian Peace Agreement”. It is an open book that there are still two more commissions of the peace agreement that are yet to render their findings and verdict. These are the “Inquiry Commission” (EEIC) and the “Compensation Commission” (EECC). With the Border Commission (EEBC) rendered the “final and binding verdict”, which found “Badime” to be sovereign Eritrean territory from the ages, with no ifs or buts; you do not have to be a rocket scientist to determine what the findings of the other two commissions will be. Meles knows, Eritrean knows, and the “guarantors of peace” know the works and the findings of these two commissions are a done deal. The “Inquiry Commission” will find Weyane as the “aggressor” who came to grab land that never belonged to them in the first place. Similarly, the “Compensation Commission” will also find the Weyane liable of all war crimes and they will force Weyane to pay “compensation” to Eritrea. For starters, the “Compensation Commission” has already found Weyane liable of all war crimes in the Central Sector. To that end, can any one guess what the findings and the verdict of the “Compensation Commission” will be in the Eastern Sector and Western Sector; not to mention the wealth of 70,000 Eritreans that was stolen in broad daylight by Weyane from within Ethiopia? And that is what is imparting sleepless nights and insomnia to Meles Zenawi. So, if Meles could, someway and somehow, entice or lure Eritrea to giving up “Badime” to Ethiopia, he believes or hopes the findings and the rulings of the “Inquiry Commission” and the “Compensation Commission” could be reversed in Weyane’s favor. That is why Meles is trying very hard to make it look and sound as if the unsolved problem is “"about 800 meters, nothing more”. Meles perfectly knows his highway robbery on broad daylight and his state sponsored banditry will cost Ethiopia over $2,000,000,000 to compensate Eritrea for the damage done by him and his bandits.

The long-term objective of Meles and Weyane is about the yet-to-be-born “Greater Republic of Tigrai”. Although the world communities are yet to face the inevitable ugly civil wars in Ethiopia, which are in the making from this long-term objective of Weyane; the Ethiopians and the Eritreans know, after every thing is said and done, Weyane are aiming to having a free and independent “Abai Tigrai”. From the Ethiopian side, all preparations for the birth of “Greater Republic of Tigrai”, as per the teachings and preaching of the 1976 “Tigrai Manifesto”, are ready to go. To that effect;

(1) The Ethiopian Constitution has been ratified; allowing “self determination, up to secession” of any and all Ethiopian ethnic groups and nationals. Such provisions were included in the Ethiopian Constitution not because Weyane is progressive and democratic but it was intended to make the secession of “Abai Tigrai” from Ethiopia peaceful and legal.

(2) If the yet-to-be-born “Abai Tigrai” is to exist as a viable state, as outlined in (1), then it was deemed necessary that it should have the territory that is big enough and rich enough to be self-supporting and self-sustaining. Again to this end, rich and fertile lands from Welkait Tsegedie, Tselemti, and Humera lands of Begemidir (Amhara Zone) and Raya-Azebo lands of Wolo (Oromo Zone) have been successfully transferred or incorporated to Tigrai Zone or to the yet-to-be-born “Abai Tigrai”.

(3) If the yet-to-be-born “Abai Tigrai” is not to face the Ethiopians in war, who will definitely be back to reclaim the land they lost to “Abai Tigrai”; then leaving Ethiopia economical destroyed, socially and politically divided and/or balkanized, and militarily weak to challenge “Abai Tigrai” is what Meles and his bandits have been busy implementing ever since they entered Finn Finne (Addis Ababa) by the help of Eritrean tanks and heavy artillery. Knowing the Amhara and the Oromo will definitely be back to reclaim their stolen lands, Weyane has done of lot to stem off this inevitability. To that end, the Ethiopian economy is now in shambles, all sophisticated military hardware is in the hands of Tigrawot and in Tigrai at this very hour, and, last but not least, the Ethiopians are being made to kill each other towards Balkanization. The Machiavellian Principle of “divide and rule” of Weyane is in action in its ugliest form where the animosity between the Oromo and the Somali, between the Oromo and Afar, between the Amhara and Afar, and/or between the Oromo and Amhara is at peak level; fueled and fanned all over Ethiopia at full speed by the evil and ugly schemes of Meles and his bandits.

Having done the above preparations from the Ethiopian side successfully, which is to leave the Ethiopians behind to finish each other, or Balkanized, or economically and militarily weak to challenge the yet-to-be-born “Abai Tigrai”; the one thing that is slowing or holding the Weyane from seceding from Ethiopia is this country we call Eritrea and this government we call Shaebia. From the Eritrean side, there are two things that should take shape before Weyane dare to secede; Meles and the bandits have calculated. First, there are some more lands and one port (an out let to the sea) that are be grabbed from Eritrea. These are to include “Badime and environs” which encompasses the Upper Gash-Barka and Massawa. Secondly, knowing the uncompromising position of Eritrea to see a united and peaceful Ethiopia, Tigrai included, it is expected Weyane will have to overthrow the government of Eritrea. Weyane are quite right on that. From Shaebia stand point, “Abai Tigrai” is a cancer that will only eat up both Eritrea and Ethiopia and it should never and never be allowed to see the daylight. To that end, Weyane perfectly understand and accept that Eritrea will not sit on sideline if this “cancer” (Abai Tigrai) is to be born. In short, it was not peace but these and much more evil schemes that made Meles Zenawi bark like a rabid dog on the corridors of the Ethiopian Parliament. Nevertheless, let alone 800 meters of Eritrean lands; 800 mm of Eritrean lands are none-negotiable. “Final and binding” is final and Meles and his highway bandits have no choice but to face the reality and swallow the bitter pill of justice and rule of law.

This is Meles and these are the bandits of the Horn all right. The only unanswered question is how many more Ethiopian fathers and mothers will be forced to sacrifice they sons to satisfy the insatiable Weyane appetite for Ethiopian blood? How many more Ethiopian children are to be left without a father simply Meles and his bandits, suffering from a deep-seated inferiority complex, are to use the Ethiopians as the sacrificial lamb to boost their low self-esteem? Isn’t the squandering of 36,000,000,000 Birr in arms and armaments, not to mention the 153,000 Ethiopian “fengiregach” that where left behind to litter the Eritrean landscape, grave enough for Meles and Co to come down from cloud nine and face the bitter and yet honorable truth of accepting “peace”? How can a leader justify leading his people to war on empty stomach? In Meles Zenawi’s Ethiopia; if it is not hunger, it is HIV epidemic; if it is not HIV, it is malaria epidemic, if it is not malaria, it is despair; if it is not despair, then it is back to square one to hunger and human misery of biblical proportion and yet Meles and his bandits from Mekele are still gambling with the very welfare and well being of the common Ethiopian man and woman; not to mention drugging Eritrea to their miserable world. Can the world community in general and the donor countries in particular justify feeding and arming his invading army? Can the “guarantors of peace” sit on the side line while “hell on earth” is to rain to the people of these two countries simply the “guarantors of peace” lacked the moral courage and the political will to stand for “rule of law” and justice? For the sake of the poor Ethiopian people who are being driven like cattle to slaughterhouse at this hour and for the sake of the peace-loving people of Eritrea who have no choice but to pay the price beyond measure to stop this Weyane insanity; some one out there should tell Meles and his bandits “enough is enough”. My God/Allah the Almighty give the “guarantors of peace” the courage and the wisdom to do the noble and honorable thing to live up to their moral and legal obligations!

So much about Meles and Weyane and so much about “Hilmi Abai Tigrai”-the unattainable dream. The question that follows is what kind of fools are out there that took the latest temper tantrum of Meles as “break through” for peace? Are these elements putting words in the mouth of Meles or are they trying to shove the “poison pill” down the throat of Eritrea? Whatever the motive that drives them, ignorance or sheer evil schemes to weaken and to undermine Eritrea, it is quite interesting to see these elements reading us a wrong script or a script that is not there. While Meles is still swimming in “dialogue” and “give and take” quicksand; these element have the nerve to tell Eritrea there is a “break through” and “one step forward” towards peace. What we have from Meles and his bandit is their usual “one step forward and two steps backwards” dancing ritual to war and destruction.

As for Eritrea, do not cry for us for we know “we have only us” to defend our country. What we have here is not “Badime” and it is not about “border demarcation” but the very existence of Eritrea as people and county. After tasting what freedom to shaping and to chart your destiny means, the 4,000,000 strong Eritrean defense forces are more than ready for any unhealthy wind that might blow from south of the border; and that is promise and a warning to Meles.

Wetru Awet N’Hafash!
Hiji Win Hade Hizbi Hade Libi!
Eternal Glory to the Dead and the Living Heroes/Heroines
It is a Must “Wefri Warsai-YekeAlo” Should Succeed!