No such thing as "DEADLOCK"
By: Mike Seium
January 2, 2004

In a futile attempt to divert attention from what the TPLF LEAD APARTHEID REGIME has agreed to at The Hague, a new term is being used by the western pro-Ethiopia media. The word "DEADLOCK" is now the norm in articles that have been written by many media outlets. Here is just one example, "Axworthy had been expected to visit both countries to try to break the deadlock in line with an anticipated increase in diplomatic pressure from countries including the United States, Britain and Germany this month."

There is no such thing as "DEADLOCK" when you have agreed to accept a "FINAL & BINDING" ruling using your own people as part of the boundary commission. The concept of what is being said to sway public opinion will not change facts on the ground. Eritrea has respectfully abode by the rule of law and enough is enough, this is what Eritrea's stand is and it should remain that way; "We reject any form of mediation which tries to find another solution to the problem," Yemane Gebremeskel, head of the president's office, told reporters. "The solution already exists in the form of the Boundary Commission decision." And yes indeed! The only solution is to start demarcating as soon as possible. It should be clear that there is no compromise here. This has never been a "DEADLOCK" issue and if it was we would still be in negotiations at The Hague, but on April 13th, 2002 the results were out and both parties signed, sealed and delivered the final verdict.

Holding hostage the peace process will only make matters worse and the consequences will be very disastrous. All those articles being written by the very same media outlets who have proved time and time again that they have become the mouth piece of the TPLF LEAD APARTHEID REGIME in Addis will only further delay true peace in the horn of Africa.