Ethiopia is trying to use the UN and other members of the international community as a cover to plot its crimes against the Eritrean people in the name of dialogue.
By: Naizghi Zekarias
December 18, 2003

The Ethiopian regime lied its way into war against Eritrea in1998 and nearly convinced the international community that the Eritrean town of Badme was in Ethiopia. Its political game at the time was that if one keeps repeating lies over and over, people would begin to accept it as the truth. Little has changed with this regimeís behavior. Although the Hague verdict has put the issue of Badme to rest, the TPLF regime still thinks if it sticks to its lies people will eventually buy its distorted story. During and prior to the war, the TPLF used the international community as a cover for its war on the Eritrean people as it received massive food aid with one hand and went on a weapons shopping spree with the other. In this regard little has changed with this regime. The question is, will the international community allow this to happen again?

Currently, the TPLF wants to use the UN in particular and the international community in general as a cover to kill the final and binding peace agreement. It is doing so by calling for dialogue on an issue that has been settled in the Hague through dialogue. What this regime is doing is creating a problem and let the UN own it, while at the same time making sure there wonít be any resolution to the problem by constantly changing its position and expectations. The TPLF essentially wants to use the UN to undermine the final and binding agreement by calling for or appointing a dialogue envoy. On the one hand, the TPLF hopes the UN will take the negative spotlight off of its back, and on the other, the UN would end up blaming Eritrea for the breakdown of the agreement despite the fact that Eritrea is the party that is upholding the law.

All the foot dragging by the TPLF is also intended to keep the no peace no war climate indefinitely so as to inflict heavy damage on the Eritrean economy in order to subjugate the Eritrean people. This is why the regime does not seem to have any interest in peace between the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia. It is time for the guarantors of the agreement to bring the game of deception by the TPLF regime to an end so that the peoples of the two nations can live side by side in peace.