June 15,2004

  His Excellency Kofi Annan

  Secretary General

  United Nations

  New York, New York

  United States

  Dear Mr. Secretary General;

  We are the Network of Eritrean-Canadians, who have been engaged in promoting peace and stability between Eritrea and Ethiopia for the last few years. We would like to express our deep concern with the current status of the implementation process of the April 2002 decision of the Eritrean-Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC). As you are no doubt aware, the implementation of the decision is long overdue and a continuous state of non-war and non-peace can only lead to renewed war. This is a cycle of instability in the sub-region which condemns the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia to endless misery and despair.

  It is our opinion that, the most effective confidence-building measure between the two nations and the most accurate expression of the spirit of the Algiers Agreement is to expedite implementation of the EEBC decision that has been postponed indefinitely.

  Mr. Secretary General,

  The government of Ethiopia seems to have no intention of complying with the decision of the EEBC, and has made it clear, both through its actions and unequivocal statements made by the Ethiopian Prime Minister, that they reject the EEBC ruling, a ruling that is "final and binding". The Network of Eritrean-Canadians condemns the government of Ethiopia for not complying and abiding by its international treaty obligation, and expresses its concern for the implications of such rejection to future peace and stability.

  We, the members of the Eritrean Canadian Network, strongly believe that peace and stability is in the best interest of the people of Eritrea and the people of Ethiopia. We also strongly believe that, unless justice is served, peace and stability will not be guaranteed between these two countries. We urge the United Nations to challenge and engage the government of Ethiopia in a meaningful and constructive manner so that it respects its treaty obligations and allows the speedy implementation of the demarcation process. We believe that this is the only way that justice will be served, that the rule of law will be upheld, and that the threat and counter threat of war and instability may be brought to an end, once and for all.

  Your initiative in appointing Mr. Lloyd Axworthy as your special envoy to the Eritrean-Ethiopian peace process is commendable. However, one party, the government of Eritrea, does not seem to be fully briefed of his mandate. In this regard, His Excellency, Eritrean President Isayas Afeworki, in his letter dated April 28th 2004 addressed to the Honourable Brian Cowan, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Ireland, indicated his willingness to meet Mr. Axworthy, but also indicated that he would like his "mandate and terms of reference are fully clarified". Surely, this is a reasonable request.

  The Network of Eritrean-Canadians calls on you, Mr. Secretary General, and the UN Security Council to:

    1.. Clearly state the mandate and terms of reference of Mr. Axworthy, the UN envoy to Ethiopia and Eritrea;

    2.. Clearly indicate to both Eritrea and Ethiopia that failure to abide by the final and binding decision of the Eritrean Ethiopian Boundary Commission will trigger consequences including the invocation of Chapter 7 of the UN Charter.   Mr. Secretary General,

  We urge you to address this issue in an expeditious manner so that the people of the two countries are spared from the scourge of war. We believe that this is the best way in which the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia not only can have the real chance of achieving peace, but also the real chance of once again living side-by-side in peace and harmony.

  It is up to the two governments and the people of both countries to maintain peace, but it is up to the guarantors of the Algiers agreement to live up to their moral and legal obligation to ensure that justice will be done by enforcing the implementation of the ruling of the independent commission.

  Thanking you in advance, for your consideration and action in this grave matter.

  Network of Eritreans In Canada   networkoferitreans@canada.com

  cc: HE Lauro L. Baja. Jr, President of the UN Security Council, African Union ,European Community, Permanent Representative of the United States of America to the UN , Permanent Representative of Algeria to the UN, Permanent Representative of Canada to the UN , Permanent Representative of Romania to the UN , Permanent Representative of Ireland to the UN and Mr. Llyod Axworthy, UN envoy to Eritrea and Ethiopia